Undiscovered Tomb

Undiscovered Tomb

Scientists have discovered the possible location of an artifact that brings eternal life. An expedition is sent out to find this ultimate treasure.

Scientists have discovered the possible location of an artifact that brings eternal life. An expedition is sent out to find this ultimate treasure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerry E (kr) wrote: one of the better alien type movies. few things could of been little different but in all I don't think it was bad.

Zack L (nl) wrote: Good movie! Follows the books story line to extent.

Rob O (gb) wrote: That had to be one of the dumbest plots I have ever seen in a movie, but I thought it had a cool style and the fight scenes and stunts were pretty awesome. It gets a generous 2 stars as an homage to Paul Walker.

Andrew K (fr) wrote: Lighthearted telling of true events

Marc G (mx) wrote: That wasn't even a little good.

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Chris K (jp) wrote: Great story. Very hard to predict, but easy to follow. Not all of the actors were great, but Madsen and Sossamon where on target. A good, low budget movie.

bill s (ru) wrote: The script does her no favors but Paltrow can not carry a comedy by herself regardless.

Jocey D (nl) wrote: Intense thrill ride. In spite of some plot holes and certain improbabilities, fun yarn about good vs. evil. If I had known how good a movie this was, in spite of all the hype in the day, I would have watched sooner. Great cast did not disappoint with their performances. It's different and has a twisted good ending sort of

James C (au) wrote: Has a generic main story that you see all the time but the hunting and fighting is thrilling

Jimmie C (fr) wrote: ahhhh the kidos are back to kick butt

Jerry K (ca) wrote: This is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the varieties of personalities who comprise the San Francisco Opera chorus. We see their commitment, their passion, and their frustrations. Some of their on-camera confessions are brutal. Others are poignant. The opera production photography is magnificent and we do come away with a better understanding of the lives of members of the chorus--- who are indeed "In the Shadow of the Stars." The one film which outshines this one is a documentary about the Metropolitan Opera annual auditions (sorry I can't recall the name of the film). Both films together make a truly rounded presentation of the backstage life of an opera comapny. Remembering that this film was made over a decade ago, many of those featured have moved on or passed away, but certainly the companies and choruses work the same way.

Tytus W (fr) wrote: Scientific weeding out of everything around the chosen flower.

007 W (us) wrote: Wow to be quite honest this is my favorite Pixar movie a walk one of my favorite Pixar movies it's written perfectly and still hilarious to this day

David C (it) wrote: Kinda gory, but this movie will get under your skin. Only see it if you're into insects that thirst for human blood.