Une chambre en ville

Une chambre en ville

Set against the backdrop of an increasingly violent strike, a worker falls in love with the middle-class daughter of his landlady.

A film musical in which every line is sung. The frame is about workers during a strike. They also prepare and perform a demonstration. Two personal relations develop against this background... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James C (ru) wrote: Bitterly, this is very depressing movie among with two strong actors, but I'm highly honor Isabelle Huppurt for her role. She's never getting better. Just never. She's perfect as crystal. This movie reveals dark romance, well kind of bitchy romance... It will emotionally charges you with intense and bit of spicy tension... It's dark beautiful done!

Nasu N (fr) wrote: The November Man brings generic action on a story that we all heard before. Nothing special with this film besides Pierce Bosnian effort with his acting. You will easily forget this movie and get nothing out of it by the end.

Jason K (it) wrote: Hate period films. Hate

Robert B (ru) wrote: Comforting Skin (Derek Franson, 2011)The first half-hour or thereabouts of Comforting Skin is annoying in the extreme. It feels like it's going to be just another mumblecore movie (not even a mumblegore movie because, you know, no violence). You know the drill. Annoying characters you can't stand doing things they couldn't afford in the real world without anything much really going on around them. And then Koffie (Good Luck Chuck's Victoria Bidewell), our main character, gets her tattoo. And everything changes.At the beginning, Koffie, co-worker Synthia (MVP: Most Valuable Primate's Jane Sowerby), and best-friend-who-Koffie-kind-of-wants-to-date-but-not-really Nathan (Road to Nowhere's Tygh Runyan) are exactly those people you loathe in the movies. Koffie and Synthia drink at the restaurant they both hate working at (they keep working there because, presumably, they can drink free-they certainly can't afford the amount of alcohol they consume on tips), have endless conversations about life, try to decide whether Nathan's hot or not, discuss Synthia's parade of sugar daddies, you get the idea. Those of you who give up on the movie and turn it off during this section are missing out, though. Koffie, feeling insecure, gets a tattoo because she thinks it'll make her look sexy/mysterious/more attractive. And then it starts whispering to her.NOTE: the rest of this review will reveal, and then talk about, the major spoiler for the film. While you may well have guessed it from the brief synopsis above, if you are sensitive to that sort of thing and plan on seeing the film (you should), stop reading now.The final hour and change of Comforting Skin is as perfect a depiction of Koffie's descent into delusional anxiety and depression as one could ask for. I speak from experience; I was in the exact place Koffie ends up in the climax of this film a little less than seven months ago. So when I tell you that Franson (who also wrote) knows his stuff, well, it's fresh in my mind, delusions and all. The longer that section of the movie went, the more I could identify with her. While it doesn't allow me to excuse how shallow and horrible a person Koffie is during the first half-hour of the movie, it makes it a little more understandable, and you can put the first bit down to debut-film jitters. Especially since the rest of the movie belies the first part by making it hard to believe this is a first film. Franson seems to go from not knowing where to put a camera, and certainly having no clue when to cut a scene or to stop with the repetition of a theme, to being the guy who gets pace, tension, and the small, subtle points of perfect movie characterization better than at least half the big-name filmmakers working in Hollywood today. If only any character in Interstellar had been half as complex and realistic as Koffie in the last hour of Comforting Skin, it would have been the great film it thought it was.The dark side of getting it that right is, well, you get it that right. A lot of the last hour of this movie is going to be very awkward to sit through if you're normal. (To be fair, it's just as awkward if you get it, but at least you can vouch for its veracity.) And while I understand where Franson was going in one particular scene-without it being a major spoiler for one character, a lot of people had the same problem with Eric England going there in Contracted, though he knew what he was doing more-he may have been setting himself up for a lot of righteous anger from some people who will see that scene as marginalizing. Take it as you will; be warned you might be offended by it. Me, I was riveted to the screen the entire last hour of the film. Your mileage may vary. *** 1/2

Davis P (mx) wrote: Cute little movie about romance and comedy

Isaac B (jp) wrote: I would describe Only Lovers Left Alive more as an art piece rather than your conventional film. As you can see by my 4 star rating, this is not a bad thing. Only Lovers Left Alive has so many aspects pushing this film forward. The script is phenomenal and completely unique compared to all other vampire movies. There was a subtle comedic element that made the film much more enjoyable and realistic. Jim Jarmusch really poked fun in that this was a vampire movie, using this to his advantage comically. The acting is top of the game making it hard to believe Tilda Swinton isn't actually a vampire. Tom Hiddleston without a doubt takes the cake though. His portrayal of Adam raises the bar for Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen and this is a bar I will happily bet he can never reach. The music fit perfectly with the vibe of the movie and I was pleasantly surprised to find out Jim Jarmusch's band SQRL was primarily responsible for the soundtrack. Above all, my favorite feature of the film is its cinematography, beautifully done by Yorick Le Saux. Beautiful is quite the understatement in fact. Yorick's style played a huge part in my comment of this movie feeling more like an art piece. The shots lingered with realism, capturing every moment in a conversation. If I were to pause the movie at any moment I'd have myself a better wallpaper than most found online. Some of the longer shots did somewhat factor into my negatives for the film. There were several scenes where either Hiddleston's character Adam was playing music or someone else was found singing in a restaurant and these scenes lasted for what felt like the full length of the songs (3-5 minutes). Again, this is key in the art style nevertheless, judging strictly on the morals of a film, this took away from its rewatchability factor. These moments were where I found myself most tired beginning to lose focus. I would never ask of Jim Jarmusch to take away what makes him Jim Jarmusch but I do think these moments could have had a minute or even two taken away and still had the same effect. Another aspect of Only Lovers Left Alive is that there is not much of a structured plot. Yes, things happen, things go wrong, but you don't see any large character arcs, any resolution to any problems raised, or the film ever reaching full circle. Although a negative in terms of following the traditional movie structure, in my book, I actually loved this. If it were done wrong, The movie would probably have been forgotten by now but Jim Jarmusch handled this decision with such care and pulled it off so smoothly that it only added to the films underlying story.If you love movies and especially if you love art and the crafting of a story, 100% check this out. It's slow but worth it. I would also be doing a disservice if I did not quickly touch on how blood is used by the characters. I wouldn't want to ruin it for you so I will leave you with just saying, its fantastic. The first scene where you get a glimpse of this might be one of the best cinematic moments in recent years. Based off of the audience rating above, clearly this is a better one to watch without any expectation or any idea of what you'll see like myself. I think you will enjoy either way but if you have yet to watch the trailer, skip it and go straight to the feature. Enjoy.

Florence (gb) wrote: Tere Bin Laden ( Sem voc, Bin Laden ), protagonizado por Al Zafar, um famoso cantor paquistans, trata de um jornalista que tenta vender uma entrevista exclusiva com o falso Bin Laden para poder viver nos EUA, aps vrias tentativas fracassadas de conseguir um visto. A histria se complica quando a Casa Branca envia um agente secreto para seguir os seus passos.

David S (kr) wrote: Easy watch! as easy as getting money out of a bank!besides..got The Stooges in the Sountrack! :)

Sma A (ag) wrote: Not super scary, but at least it wasn't stupid and cheesy.

BellaRay (kr) wrote: More Bollywood shit.

Rommel B (de) wrote: One of the best Disney films of all time

Cintia C (gb) wrote: I thought it was okay adding the fact that I could learn about Brazilian culture a little bit

JJ D (jp) wrote: Huh? Isnt 23 a lame movie with Jim Carry? I be confused?

Rehan S (ag) wrote: it was greatest blockbuster ever. . . .

Laurel K (de) wrote: Fioerentino puts in an amazing performance as a disturbingly successful psychopath.

Nicolas S (br) wrote: L'element fantastique est finalement peu present mais ca le fait

Robert P (ag) wrote: Well this didn't need to be made.

Jimmy F (gb) wrote: Nicolas Cage is great in this thriller. He plays a former CIA agent who goes back to a notorious enemy and sets the record straight. Oh yeah, this movie is full of action. Great movie.