Une femme française

Une femme française

Wed just as war breaks out, Jeanne hardly gets to know her military husband, Louis, before the debacle of 1940. While waiting for his return from a POW camp, Jeanne journeys through ...

Wed just as war breaks out, Jeanne hardly gets to know her military husband, Louis, before the debacle of 1940. While waiting for his return from a POW camp, Jeanne journeys through ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michelle W (us) wrote: interesting !!!!! Synopsis

Russ V (us) wrote: A fun British movie.. The only flaw in theMovie was the sheep would win best actor as he was the only character who I could relate to.. Lack of lush hair meant only 2.5 stars... Not a laugh a min comedy but had its moments.. Like a sheep in a bra with lipstick ... Sex-a ...

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Daniel P (mx) wrote: Is it good because it's based on a true story? I don't like true story movies because it clouds the viewing and you percieve the movie as better than it really is. It is a remarkable story though and it's a pity that the acting was so stiff. I feel that the movie could be more with better acting. Not to slam the actors too much, they are kids and it's the directors job to make them perform well. Worth a watch for the story.

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