In the desert area of Hat Creek, cows are found partially devoured and the farmers believe that a wolf is attacking the cattle. The alcoholic Sheriff Annie Flynn is called by the local farmer Rob Horn to witness the remains of an animal to request reimbursement from the government and for an accident with a tank truck that is blocking the road.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   explosion,   fire,  

An unknown creature terrorizes an archeological dig in the middle of a desolate New Mexico town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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IOnell S (it) wrote: I absolutely loved this movie. Quizas son mis ganas frustradas de querer haber sido hippy. Es una pelicula que deberia ver todo el mundo y reflexionar pero por desgracia paso desapercibida. La escena final de Vigo tomando te de mate fue fantastica.

Kenneth C (us) wrote: Rather enjoyable. Tries a bit to hard to make you feel pity for Spector. Pacino and Mirren are great

Franois M (jp) wrote: Peu informatif dans les mots... Mais un film si important dans les images... Des images qui valent tous les "maux" de la terre.

Amanda G (it) wrote: Poor put upon Igby. I actually like this version of Holden Caulfield, sorry Salinger. And it was nice to see Ryan Phillippe getting back to Sebastian Valmont where he belongs. Kieran Culkin should be your favorite Culkin...in a world where you should never have a favorite Culkin.

Jesse B (es) wrote: Forget it's a cartoon, this is a great movie about heroes and legacy. The action is thrilling and the plot is involving, animation is sleek, voice acting top notch. Ever since I was a kid I've been enthralled.

Kevin M W (de) wrote: More "remember the Borscht Belt, man, those were the days!" schtick from Billy Crystal, this time with Alan King, as if one schticker wasn't enough.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Claude Chabrol establishes the plot early and there's plenty of interest value in this revenge thriller. It's not quite as stylish as other Chabrol works, but the emphasis of the film is on the characters.

Tatsuhito K (es) wrote: As a whole, I think Dr. No is a slightly better movie with a more entertaining story. But as a standalone film, I'd say From Russia With Love is just as fun and exciting as its predecessor. I thoroughly enjoyed the action, humor, and Sean Connery is suave as James Bond. A pretty good fun.

Dan P (ru) wrote: How many westerns did Gary Cooper appear in?Link rejoins his old gang when circumstances force him to do so. His outlaw instincts as he plots to extract himself from the unwanted partnership.

JohnnyLee T (ca) wrote: One of the funniest and (in a different light) most tragic movies ever. Two heterosexual actors play the gay leads magnificently. And (for the most part) it's true!

Robert M (es) wrote: You will need courage, courage, courage. Christian or not, this is still a very heart-warming and emotional movie. I may not be a father, nor do I really plan to be one, but I still feel the seriousness and the enlightenment of what God has in store for every follower and every other person as I watch this. Like I said, christian or not, it is a well reminder of how we need to look out on our children, our brothers and sisters, and everyone else we know and care about, living or not.

Mitch M (jp) wrote: Good action-skydiving flick! Back when Gary Busey was good!