Jamal and Dex, out of work actors, come to terms with reality when they realize they've been pursuing their dreams for over ten years and still haven't booked a single speaking role. When the two run out of cash and face eviction they hit the pavement in search of a job. With no experience, no skill set and little ambition, the audience gets a front row seat to this hilarious journey in which these two characters can't seem to catch a break

Jamal and Dex are two hapless out of work actors who come to terms with reality when they realize they've been pursuing their dreams for over ten years and still haven't booked a single ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam K (fr) wrote: I don't know how to classify this film. It comes off as a documentary. It looks like one and feels like one. Yet, the end credits say there is a cast. There are some shots that had to have been pre-arranged unless they had about three or four cameras and invisible cameramen. So perhaps it is both. It is a true tale that is aided by some filmmaking tricks. I am still convinced that what I saw was real. That the relationship between a little boy, his father, and his grandfather was unscripted and raw.The story is that of little Natan, who is the son of a mother who lives in Rome and the son of a father who lives in the reefs of Mexico with his grandfather. Natan has been back and forth and it appears to be a rough life for the kid. His down trodden look in the beginning of the film tells the whole tale. So the parents have decided his father will take him for a while one last time, then he will live with his mother in Rome permanently. So we are whisked away to beautiful Mexico and the fishing village and lifestyle of Jorge and Nestor. They fish a little, talk a little and sleep a little. It appears to be a laid back lifestyle that includes diving to fish for both money and food. They live in a shack on stilts out in the shallow of the ocean. They sleep in hammocks hanging from the ceiling. They have just a short time left with little Natan.This film is ultra simple. There is little dialogue and simply depicts the goings on between a son and his father. Some will find the proceedings dull and boring but I was captivated by the relationship between the father, Jorge, and his son Natan. The film is short and so is the time Jorge has left with his son before he goes back to Rome. He doesn't force his way with the kid, he encourages him and allows his imagination and curiosity to blossom. It is a beautiful thing. The film is full of little things that just made me smile, made me happy.The film was beautiful both in the emotion and story it captured as well as the way it captured it. It was shot on handheld digital cameras start to finish and featured no CGI or flashy camera tricks, yet it captured the beauty of the ocean and of humanity. It was the simplest shots that created the most unique and fantastic perspective on the world. It is films like this that can reveal to the viewer something different, something they have never seen before. With this type of storytelling and this type of cinematography I can see the simplicity of the beauty of the world. The best films do this. Alamar may be a foreign film. It may be obscure, but it is the type of film that makes me love cinema.

Dustin P (ca) wrote: I love this movie. Great cast, feel good story, and good for the whole fam. Never gets old.

Al M (mx) wrote: Despite not featuring the visionary aesthetic of the Pang brothers like its predecessor, which was still a flawed film, Messengers 2 manages to be an entertaining piece of Podunk horror involving a man (Norman Reedus, famous from Boondock Saints) whose corn farm is faltering before he puts up a creepy scarecrow that he finds in the barn. Of course, craziness, black magic, and strange deaths ensue. While it is certainly not a great film by any stretch of the term, I found Messengers 2 to be a decent follow-up to a mediocre horror film that will probably only entertain those horror fans most in need of new crap to watch.

Ryan B (us) wrote: One of them films that flew under the rador a bit. If you want a blood fest then this is it.

phil h (es) wrote: think breaking bad comedy sick dark comedy but still somewhat real!

Lisa D (jp) wrote: Probably won't be to most peoples taste, but for horror fans, this is hilarious and in the worst possible taste. A follow up to the Blood Taste several decades earlier, but more of a homage to horrors in a tongue-in-cheek airplane/nakes gun style.

Mark S (br) wrote: Construction worker who falls in love and what he goes thru.

Steve D (us) wrote: Not as good as the book but a good movie

roger t (jp) wrote: other than an out of character performance from lloyd there isn't much to recommend here......spend your time and andrew jackson elsewhere.

Fred L (de) wrote: Holy crap, what a bad movie! One redeeming item: It uses the "green flowing code" on computer screens that later shows up --- in much-refined form --- in the Matrix. That tidbit is about 10 seconds of screen time, so I just saved you more than an hour of watching this dud. You're welcome.

Allan C (kr) wrote: Harry Callihan is back for a fourth time in what was Clint's first time taking on the series as it's director. Sondra Locke is a woman who was brutally raped and now, years later, seeking revenge on those who wronged her and her now permanently disabled sister. It's a sleazier story than most Dirty Harry films, which gives it a darker feel. In terms of the film's politics, it's not new territory, though it does come with a new twist. Callihan was the near-vigilante breaking the rules in the first film. In the second film, he was offered the change to join a group of rogue cops who really are vigilantes and can't see crossing that line to openly breaking the law. This film takes that same notion on again, but this time Callihan must choose between the law and justice in what to do when faced with what to do with Locke's revenge killings. Another diversion from the previous films, Clint makes Locke somewhat of a Hitchcockian heroin, shouting her in mystery. I never really cared for the darkly lit look of Clint's films during this period of his directorial efforts, though the dark atmosphere did compliment what are probably the most vile of all the villains in the Dirty Harry series. Still, Clint is still a great onscreen personality that's hard not to find compelling. Pat Hingle and Albert Popwell both appear in supporting roles. Lalo Schifrin provided the music and Bruce Surtees did the dark photography. Not my favorite of the series, but still pretty darn good.

Josh H (ag) wrote: It's pretty simple ... if you saw it in the 80s (like I did), it was funny and entertaining. If you saw it in 2012, not so much. Not that it's bad, just very dated, still enjoyable though.

Anish G (au) wrote: I had been putting this on hold for quite a time, it is widely considered a masterpiece and on first viewing I'll tend to agree with that consensus. Pather Panchali is a hauntingly good portrayal of poverty in pre-independence Bengal and stands the test of time.The cinematography was especially brilliant, delightfully modern even though it has been almost 60 years since its release. It's part of a trilogy by Satyajit Ray and I really look forward to watching the rest.

Orlok W (fr) wrote: Wyatt Earp cleans up Tombstone--ARCHTYPAL WESTERN!!

Kevin L (us) wrote: Ahead of it time in concept, practical effects and set design. However the thinly written characters doesn't make this a home run.

EWC o (nl) wrote: Charming and hilarious. Feel great afterwards.

Ryan S (us) wrote: Kind of what I wish hemlock grove had been

Bill W (nl) wrote: Lots of action here and good fun. You get to see Yul Brynner with hair if you don't blink. He shaves it off because it has some kind of warrior significance. Though it was a big movie at the time it is much smaller now. Get out the popcorn. I'm sure you'll enjoy this.