Unfair: The Answer

Unfair: The Answer

After detective Natsumi Yukihira brings an end to the police hospital terrorist case, Natsumi is transferred to the Nishimonbetsu Police Station in Hokkaido. Meanwhile, a series of grotesque murders occurs in downtown Tokyo involving nails placed in the body of the victims. The fingerprint of Natsumi's ex-husband, freelancer journalist Kazuo Sato, is found on the the body of a victim and Kazuo is placed on the most wanted list. Soon after, Kazuo finds Natsumi and hands her a USB memory stick. The device contains information on a secret organization within the police department. Kazuo tells Natsumi that the series of murders are warnings and suspects become the next victims. Natsumi is then arrested as a suspect. Tokyo prosecutor Katsuaki Murakami appears at the Nishimonbetsu Police Station to investigate.

Natsumi Yukihira, an unconventional cop, investigates a series of murders where each new victim is the lead suspect from the previous murder. When her ex-husband becomes the latest murder's suspect, things get more complicated. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin A (es) wrote: Supposedly, they make new Hellraiser movies every few years so Miramax doesn't lose the rights. That would explain why we get sequels like this that feels like it was a completely different script before having Pinhead thrown in just to make it another Hellraiser movie. Again, this is another "mystery". Though there isn't much mystery to this entry as they basically tell you everything at the beginning. I must say I enjoy how EVERY SCENE ends with the main character waking up at a different location. I wish I had kept count, but I swear almost every scene was a dream. Maybe I could buy that if it went all Hellraiser Inferno by having the main character reliving everything because she is already dead. That's not quite the case though. The character is dead, but not dead dead. Just sorta dead. I don't really know. The movie was hard to follow because it just felt like a series of random events. It was boring, but the two sequels before this weren't much better, so it's not like I hated this movie. If anything, at least the acting is seeming to get better as the series progresses. That's a shocker. I kind of like how they tied it in to Hellraiser 4, even though that may not be a good thing. It was only a small part, but at least it shows that maybe all these movies do kind of tie in. Maybe? I don't know. It's forgettable and nothing to write home about. I am actually a bit disappointed because I expected so much worse at this point, and instead they're delivering underwhelming and under par. I wonder how much they pay Doug Bradley to be in these movies. He may have had more screen time towards the end of this movie than in 5 and 6, but still not much. I can't recommend this one either, unless you're skipping around the series. Then maybe I would say it's better than 5 and 6, but only slightly, and that really doesn't mean anything.

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