Unfaithfully Yours

Unfaithfully Yours

Sir Alfred De Carter suspects his wife of infidelity. While conducting a symphony orchestra, he imagines three different ways of dealing with the situation.

Set to music, a symphony conductor envisions multiple possible scenarios for dealing with his wife's infidelity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Unfaithfully Yours torrent reviews

Casey M (fr) wrote: With some of the talent, I expected more.

Max H (mx) wrote: Excelente el hecho de narrar (y a tan pocos aos de la historia) los horrosos sucesos ocurridos. Recomendable para todo habitante argentino. Sin embargo, no me gusto la actuacion del elenco...

Kevin S (mx) wrote: This has to be one of the oddest concepts to ever hit the silver screen. As a fan of alien invasion films, I've grown accustomed to having my space invaders with bulging eyes, spindle-like tentacles and nasty dispositions. Not so with The Monolith Monsters. Here, the threat comes in the form of dark crystals that grow large, topple over, and grow large again. Compared to other sci-fi offerings of the same era, this one's a little lame. There's not much to frighten or shock you here. These aren't creatures with malice of forethought. They are not sent here to destroy us, or even save us. They are rocks that will crush you if you're foolish enough to be anywhere near them when they fall over. I have to give Hollywood a measured amount of credit for at least attempting to give us something unique and unusual, even if it just doesn't work. Unless you're a hard-core sci-fi fan or a film buff with a penchant for bad B-movies, your time would be better spent elsewhere.

Greg W (au) wrote: really good actioner

Erin C (de) wrote: Interesting twist at the end.

Collin P (fr) wrote: While far from perfect, Star Trek Generations says a nice good bye to Captain Kirk and gives off a welcoming feel to Captain Picard.