A remote, backward village sacrifices five women to appease the evil spirit in a tree.

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Jaki Bartos W (es) wrote: And i still don't know why so many audience reviews are positive

Maureen J (au) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. It is about life in a Scottish family between WWI and WWII. It's an entertaining story.

Stephen E (jp) wrote: A great movie to watch with the family! We noticed that Lincoln looked much better than the dog in Soccer Dog: European Cup. The CGI was overall great and the cast was excellent! The plot was swell! This movie had my whole family crying at the last scene. I would recommend this movie to anyone who would enjoy a delectable and delightful film for everyone in the family!

Shadow L (kr) wrote: This film was BIZARRE. I loved seeing a young Miranda Otto in it..she was a breath of fresh air. The story-line was totally strange and the ending surprised me. It is definitely worth a view if you like strange movies.

Kevin R (ag) wrote: All he needs is a voice.Talbot is a man who can't handle the death of his Indian bride and sits under a tree waiting for his death to join her. His father, who made a trade for the Indian bride, seeks the bride's sister in hopes that she can snap his son out of it. The sister reluctantly agrees to help the father but they have no idea how gone the son will be when they finally reach him."She's just going to die on you...just like I did."Sam Shepard, director of Far North, delivers Silent Tongue in his second major motion picture. The storyline for this picture was just okay and kind of clich for the genre, but the settings and cast are above average. The cast includes River Phoenix, Alan Bates, Richard Harris, Bill Irwin, and Dermot Mulroney."The whole prairie is thirsting for our women."I came across a few River Phoenix movies on Netflix and decided to add all of them to my wish list. This was a very average and mediocre addition to the western genre and did not display Phoenix's talent, in my opinion. There really isn't much to see here and I'd probably skip this movie unless you're a fan of the Phoenix. "Their dogs will be eating our testicles by nightfall."Grade: C-

Jordan T (ru) wrote: It's a crazy hybrid of Kung Fu, the supernatural, and comedy that works very well and pays off with some terrific action sequences. But the real highlight of this movie is the last thirty seconds, which should go down as one of the top ten best endings in film of all time.

Wrik S (mx) wrote: Its in the face, and really nearly the truth... False sense of power results in one being blinded...

Norma D (mx) wrote: hmm im not sure how i feel about it. i liked it but I was definitely expecting more

Nandi C (it) wrote: I love this movie plenty. really do. Gary Cooper plays this Tennessee hillbilly with a hair trigger temper who became a Christian, and got up in WW1. he tried to become a conscientious objector, but got rejected, ended up in WW1, where he became a hero. What I like about this film is the fact that this man had no qualms of entering a war, he had qualms about joining up, but in the end, because of his skills as a sharpshooter, he ends up becoming a war hero. Very interesting movie. Highly recommended.

Daniele C (es) wrote: So intense, so dramatic, so touching. Tornatore definitely knows hot to touch the right chords of the viewer.