Union Station

Union Station

Police catch a break when suspected kidnappers are spotted on a train heading towards Union Station. Police, train station security and a witness try to piece together the crime and get back the blind daughter of a rich business man.

A sharp-eyed woman spots a man with a gun on a train and her alert to the railroad police lead to the kidnapping of a blind heiress by a ruthless thug. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter P (kr) wrote: With this much talent it should have been a lot better then a run of the mill law and order episode, but it wasn't.

IHasApples 6 (ag) wrote: The story is very engaging if not pretty simple, but it's just so well performed and animation is top-notch. Definitely makes me what to watch more animated Batman movies. Highly recommend.

Deana P (mx) wrote: Groovey..thanks con!

Zachary L (ag) wrote: What an amazing performance by Ken Takarua!

Ashleydeth G (br) wrote: i've tried to see it but i can't. it seems so cheap, or stupid i really don't know what

Marcus Y (ag) wrote: It's fun, but doesn't provide much else.

Lee M (de) wrote: In his fictionalized story, Van Peebles simplifies the history of the Black Panthers, doing harm to a subject that he presumably intends to honor.

Ray D (kr) wrote: A 'smaller' Kurosawa film maybe, but not a lesser one--this story, beginning and ending with the perspective of a dentist involved in the case due to his position on Family Court, revolves around a family who's wealthy, factory-owning patriarch is terrified of a Nuclear War and determined to sell the family business and relocate everybody to the Amazon Rain Forest. His family, preferring the status quo (maybe they've seen Aguirre?) has other ideas, and is trying to get him declared of unsound mind. The family drama is interesting, if broadly drawn, for the most part, but two elements stand out: One is Mifune's performance--barely recognizable, playing a much older man, his wavering between overbearing gruffness and dominance and a raw desperate terror in a world that doesn't understand him is a remarkable thing to observe---the other is the ending, a beautifully filmed, stark sequence that encapsulates one of the primary fears running through much of Kurosawa's work--that of the human tribe finally destroying their home.

Jonathan W (mx) wrote: Eh. Watched part of it in a hotel room. Might have been a good film back in 1945, though it's beginning to wear by today's standards.

Kyle M (ag) wrote: The hilarity level was low that time like the Marx Brothers comedies I've so far seen were getting better and better on the ability to make its viewers laugh-out loud to a rare sidesplitting [that'd happened occasionally in "A Night at the Opera"], but their 6th feature is good as usual with the same comedic skills while going mad on a college campus. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Tristin M (ag) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by this film. It's more on the drama end of the spectrum.