Kåre is a youth coach with aspirations to become the greatest football player ever like his idol, Bryan Robson. However, his dreams are starting to take a toll on his relationship with his girlfriend, Anna.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:kiss,   love,   football,  

Kåre and Anna live in a little town on the west coast of Norway, they have been together since their childhood. As long as they have had hot feelings for each other they also have had hot ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin S (br) wrote: Terrible movie, surprised it made it to release. A poor advertisement for Australia. Apparently we're a country or uptight politicians or mental drug addicts.

Patrick M (mx) wrote: It's Donnie Darko meets Heros meets General Hospital (after Jack Wagner left) It's pretty bad. 2 stars for watching while your doing your expense reports or scheduling a dentist appointment.

Karan N (es) wrote: Not 4 kids under 10 is what I say. Really funny. Adult humor.

Eric P (ag) wrote: One of those movies that's not really terrible, in fact it's hard to decide exactly how I feel about it. The story is just bleh, don't care kinda boring and I'd give it 2 stars but I gave it one extra star just for Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci who are both excellent as you'd expect. But those two leads and their porformances in the film itself you'd want the film to have been much better than it was. I would have prefered a more docu-drama approach (like Casino) and had learned something new but no, this is a film where the only reason to see it is because of the two main actors but because the two are so good it just makes you wish they had something much better to work with.

Alexander Z (fr) wrote: "Chakushin Ari 2" is scary like most of the Asian horror movies, and has a promising beginning supported by a good sequel of Takashi Miike's "Chakushin Ari". I saw both movies in sequence and I found many explanations about characters and situations of the first movie. However, like in the first story, the conclusion the movie is confused.

Oliver S (gb) wrote: OK but nowhere near as good as the first one. Sharon still looks good though!

Stuart K (gb) wrote: There are some books that should never be adapted for the big screen. Bringing Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s 1973 book to the big screen was a challenge in itself, because the original book had no fixed plot, and because of the descriptive nature, Vonnegut Jr.'s works are not very cinematic. Although, writer/director Alan Rudolph and star Bruce Willis seemed to think differently, and went ahead with a screen version of the book. Set in the odd yet idyllic Mid-Western town of Midland City, it focuses mainly on Dwayne Hoover (Brucie) a successful Pontiac car dealer who has it all, but his whole life is going to pieces, his business associate Harry LeSabre (Nick Nolte) is a cross-dresser, and Hoover is a depressive mess who is losing his mind. He becomes obsessed with the works of obscure sci-fi author Kilgore Trout (Albert Finney), who is coming to an arts festival in Midland City. It's a mad psychedelic film on the deconstruction of the American Dream, this is hard to follow, but it doesn't know what it wants to be. Madcap comedy or offbeat drama or dark fantasy. It's well made, and it's got good performances to it's name, but it doesn't make sense most of the time and it's very hollow. David Lynch would have done better with this.

Tonya V (ag) wrote: I FINALLY own this movie....only took 10 years!? Good movie, good story line and Donnie and Robert Wahlberg. Nice.

Thomas K (gb) wrote: After the great but somewhat contrived Husbands and Wives this trifle is so welcome. A story about a loving couple who meet the elderly couple next door just to find the wife dead of a heart attack the next day. The husband, Larry, thinks nothing of it but his wife, Carol is absolutely certain that the husband, Paul, knocked the poor dear off. And away we go! The film center around Diane Keaton, and she's definitely up to the task. Wonderfully entertaining.

Andrew M (gb) wrote: ray liotta was creepy, makes me scared every time i see a cop (just kidding)

Dr F P (ca) wrote: Texas Killing Fields is very straightforward and runs along quite pleasantly. I think it's a pretty good watch if you're interested in small town serial murder cop thrillers. I particularly liked Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Chloe Grace Moretz here, though not too fussed with Sam Worthington and had to use subtitles to understand what he was saying at times. What's with him and his dreadful accents? I think the ending poses more questions than it answers for me and the whole closing felt quite rushed with little depth, i was shocked at how simple solving the case was. Overall this is quite good if you catch it on TV or pick it up at Blockbuster on a dark lonely rainy day but the plot lets it down.

John C (kr) wrote: Tense, thrilling and blessed with a talented cast, We Own the Night is engaging from beginning to end despite a rather predictable ending.