Unknown World

Unknown World

With the cyclotram, an atomic-powered rock-boring vehicle, Dr. Jerimiah Morley leads an expedition into a subterranean world.

Scientists use a gigantic drilling machine for an expedition to the center of the earth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sam S (de) wrote: This movie tasted like rainbows.

Carolyn W (it) wrote: Enough funny to make up for it being way too long and not really knowing what its own point was. Great cast.

Craig P (us) wrote: Just more bad movies.[center]Funky Monkey[/center][left]A monkey trained in martial arts sounds like a cool idea, but it isn't. This movie starts out tolerable but they just goes to beyond comprehension for stupidity. You know the evil corporation training monkeys for evil, the trainer helps one escape and they end up in San Diego. Add in bumbling idiots and a kid trying to fit in and you got yourself a pile of crap. If you need to make yourself feel smart, watch this.[/left][center]Vampires: The Turning[/center][left]Just your ordinary contemporary vampire flick. Complete with blood drinking, martial arts, bad acting, vampire sex, and dead vampires. Well deader than undead. Why do vampires have the urge to screw all the time? Oh the one vampire chick is really hot, but still.[/left]

Oriol N (us) wrote: Donde est "Los fantasmas atacan al jefe" que se quiten todas.

Anthony K (br) wrote: One of the most enjoyably stupid movies ever made (let alone in the rom-com genre), there are at least 5 times I laughed out loud at how unlike real life some of the scenarios here play out. Example: Andie is supposed to turn in her titular article, which by definition will take at MINIMUM 10 days to create....by the time the magazine goes to press. Which is in 11 days. ?_?That said, it's entertaining in an MST3K way, while also not being quickly paced and brightly colored enough to never become completely boring.

Chad D (jp) wrote: With absurdity as its premise, and laziness surrounding its script, Red Planet fails to reach any big climactic heights, and also fails to provide much entertainment. Poor performances aren't necessarily the actors faults, because the script is incredibly poor, with a plot line that is almost mockable.

bill s (jp) wrote: An empty shell of an action adventure movie albeit a nice looking one.

Dennis S (es) wrote: Has it's moments, but fun to watch!

Zahid C (de) wrote: Day: FridayDate: 8 Feb 2002Amt: Free (JLT)Time: 8.30pmOver at: 9.30pmWith: Jinesh, Ganesh, Shreekant, IsmailTheatre: Imax Adlabs, MumbaiSeat No: Free SeatingName: T-REXImax was extravagant

Alexander B (ca) wrote: the first time i saw this movie i was shocked at how wierd it was but i found i could relate to the characters and it was very intresting to watch 5/5

Frank P (ca) wrote: Really good thriller. Last time I saw this was around 1992 on a very long flight to Anchorage Alaska.

Bill M (ag) wrote: Brilliantly dark and nasty film noir laced with nuclear paranoia, what really sets this 50's classic apart from other detective flicks is it's misanthropic attitude, complete unlikable bastard of a main character, apocalyptic overtones and most of all, it's incredible and completely mad, nihilistic ending.

Jason D (jp) wrote: Several years back, prisoner Charles Forsyth is wrongfully executed for a murder he did not commit, thanks in part to a shady guard (the late, great Lane Smith) which is clouded in controversy, thus resulting in the shutdown of the prison. Now, after several years, the prison is re-opening, with Smith as its Warden, and 300 prisoners are moved in to help renovate the prison, including then-unknown Viggo Mortenson (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, A History of Violence, Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3), who resembles the executed prisoner. When the old electrocution chamber is reopened, the evil spirit of Forsyth roams the prison (via a combination of ectoplasm and electricity), killing off inmates and guards alike. This Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4) directed film is an absolute gem that DESPERATELY needs a transferal to DVD and Blu-ray. Thanks to excellent direction from Harlin and a surprisingly good cast, which also includes Tommy "Tiny" Lister (Wishmaster 2, Friday), Tom Everett (Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, Friday the 13th 4), Chelsea Field (The Birds II: Land's End), and the great Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th Parts 7-10, Hatchet, a million other movies), Prison manages to exceed on many levels, delivering a fun story, surprisingly decent effects, good kills, and an overall fun movie. Like I said, this needs to be put on DVD badly. A terrific, underrated, hidden gem. I highly recommend people to seek this one out.

sly b (gb) wrote: well it so simple..but very cool

eKyN N (kr) wrote: WoW!!! So ScARy...Ba Weee ...HeLppppPP..