Unnatural Causes

Unnatural Causes

Matt and Julia aren't having the greatest relationship on earth. They've got a successful advertising agency but Matt suspects his wife of having an affair and is getting so obsessed with ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
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Matt and Julia aren't having the greatest relationship on earth. They've got a successful advertising agency but Matt suspects his wife of having an affair and is getting so obsessed with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (br) wrote: A solid and entertaining sequel that not only maintains the high level of scares found in the terrifying original movie, especially in its first half, but also has an ingenious plot structure that makes up for its poor attempts at humor (which are always misplaced).

Rendan L (es) wrote: Gleefully nonsensical and hilariously unique, A Town Called Panic is fun for everyone.Grade: A-

Mark F (ru) wrote: It was a great story which is all the more compelling because it's based on real-life events. I was just left a little frustrated because I felt that it could have been better told in terms of the script and direction. And I don't normally notice those things. But still a very good watch.

Oskar N (fr) wrote: Definitely in TOP 5 of the worst movies I have ever, ever seen.

Harry W (au) wrote: With the names of Franco Nero and Menahem Golan attached to the project, Enter the Ninja sounded like promising 80's B-movie fun.Enter the Ninja is a product of Cannon Films, a company which has a devoted cult following. Any fan of Cannon Films knows that their speciality is low-budget B-movies which are rich in an exploitation nature. They mostly fall into the category of being action films, benefitted by the presence of nudity. So the generic contract of Enter the Ninja is very clear not to mislead viewers into expecting some kind of Citizen Kane (1941) standard of production. And though it lacks the nudity, it has plenty of violence.The intro scene depicts the title credits rolling while the stuntmen of the film show off their martial arts abilities. This all turns to null when the white-gowned ninja enters and kicks a black ninja across the face in slow motion, and we clearly see no contact whatsoever. Yet the actors continue to pretend that something has happened which is just laughable. Soon after, the film turns into a product of Philippine scenery with actors shouting single words of a foreign language while flailing their bodies around to create the impression of tension. Aside from these shouts, there is not a word of dialogue for the first 10 minutes since the feature is so focused on throwing action scenes into the fray that it doesn't give viewers a second to ask why. The film takes off in an instant without any time for audiences to grasp the context of what is going on, but no sensible viewer is likely to find frustration with this. Enter the Ninja makes it clear early on that it has no major concerns about script or story in its film, and this means that it clarifies itself as having the right priorities from the beginning.Panned in the contemporary day for its production values, the schlocky low-budget nature of Enter the Ninja is what makes it fun. Those who ignored it to enjoy the film during its original release can look back at it now with a realization that they are one of the best assets to the experience of Enter the Ninja as a camp guilty pleasure. There is an odd sense of humour in the film which adds to this charm, serving to momentarily distract from the serious nature of the story.When the story actually begins to play out, the narrative proves to be a western one. This presents the combination of western and eastern cultures depicted within Enter the Ninja. The elements of a white-dressed hero taking on a collection of black-dressed enemies is a typical western trope which signifies good vs. evil, as is the premise of a protagonist defending their home against a higher power bent on taking it from them. Using these plot elements as a basis, Enter the Ninja diverts them into a film of Eastern iconography. However, it is far from embodying Eastern traditions of filmmaking since Enter the Ninja could not more clearly be an American 80's film. The cheesy nature of the script and decade-defining musical score make absolute certainty of that, though the former does tend to cause the film to drag on. When not playing around as the B-movie that it truly is, Enter the Ninja simply weaves through its generic plot points. Unfortunately, it becomes clear that there are too many of them to hold the guilty pleasure of the film together. Despite its short running time, the thin plot of Enter the Ninja still manages to feel like it stretches on for too long. There just isn't enough action to justify everything.However, the action in Enter the Ninja remains engaging. With such a small budget, Enter the Ninja has no room to be spending money on special effects. It relies simply on effective choreography and dedicated work from the cast. The choreography in the film supplies many moments of B-movie fun with all the cool martial arts techniques and weaponry, even if there are clear moments where the attacks don't land or the weapons are revealed to be fake. However, there is a hook. Though the fun nature of the action in Enter the Ninja was enough to kick off a ninja movie craze for the decade of the 1980's, it is easier to pick up on some of the faults when re-examining it in the modern day. Namely, the two major problems are the cinematography and editing. Though there are many wide-angled shots as traditional in action B-movies, there are many shots during the intense scenes which occur too close up for viewers to actually see anything. This doesn't do any justice for the action or add any sense of imagery, so my only guess is that it is a desperate attempt to cover up production faults to preserve the illusion of action.But even with all its faults, Enter the Ninja does serve as a fair star vehicle for Franco Nero. Enter the Ninja is clearly a thinly-veiled martial arts films along the lines of the kinds that Cannon Films used to propel Chuck Norris to stardom. In that sense, it manages to do the same thing for Franco Nero. It's interesting because the actor is arguably most well-known for his role as the titular hero in the iconic Sergio Corbucci spaghetti western Django (1966), and it's a contrast to see him going from playing a cowboy to a Ninja. What's more impressive is the fact that he really makes as strong effort to pack a punch against his enemies. He may not have the flawless technique of Chuck Norris or the same level of badass attitude, but he proves his physical talents as an action hero by relentlessly taking down every enemy in sight and death staring them with his hypnotic eyes. The film is not a testament to Franco Nero's acting skills since it makes him deliver every line with a monotonous excuse for "edge", but he certainly proves his worth as a martial arts star.So Enter the Ninja has some fun action moments which manages to work a skillful team out of Menahem Golan and Franco Nero, but with a lacklustre script and problematic cinematography the guilty pleasure ends up more often buried beneath simply sub-par filmmaking.

Jeff B (ru) wrote: Oh my god. I just got done watching this on TCM(!) and it's so hilariously awful and perfect. This unintentionally hysterical exploitaiton film from 1972 stars Steve Hawkes (who also wrote, produced, and co-directed) as a biker who gives a religious girl a ride home, stays with her hippie sister, becomes addicted to pot, tests bad turkey at a poultry farm, and becomes a half-man-half-turkey who goes around drinking the blood of potheads. This is so perfect because it's basically an anti-drug/pro-God movie that includes a bunch of crazy murders by a guy with a turkey for a head. And the other director narrates the movie from time to time, it shows him sitting at a table chain-smoking and obviously flipping through the script so he can remember his lines, and his final narration is so perfect. This movie is just so beautiful, it needs to be seen by everyone.

Private U (us) wrote: As mid-50's military propaganda goes, it's not bad.

Carlos G (gb) wrote: "Children of Men" is the 2006 feature directed by Alfonso Curon ("Labyrinth") and it's written by Curon, Timothy J. Sexton, David Arata Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. The film is based on the acclaimed 1992 novel of the same name, written by P. D. James. The film is set in the year of 2027, it's been 18 years of human infertility and the world has now collapsed as it faces human extinction. England, one of the few stable countries with functional government left in the world, has now become militarized police state as the government forces round ups and detain immigrants. There, an Englishman named Theo, played by Clive Owen, is recruited by his estranged wife Julian, played by Juliane Moore, to help in the transportation of an important immigrant girl. After a series of events, it's found that this immigrant girl is actually pregnant with earth's first child after those 18 years of human infertility. The cast counts also with the help of Michael Caine as Theo's friend Jasper, Clare-Hope Ashitey as Kee, the pregnant refugee woman and also a brief appearance of Academy Award nominee actor Chiwetel Ejiofor as Luke, one of Julian men."Children of Men" is a truly remarkable and beautiful film. Based on P. D. James' novel, the movie's plot works do to originality, intelligence in its filmmaking and script as well as its themes, such as religion and hope. As Hollywood progress in its making of sequels and reboots to it's most iconic films, some filmmakers, and studios, once in a while, decide to try and create a solid, original and weel-produced film to a high range of audiences... and once in awhile, it works. Like another great Scifi film I've seen recently called "Looper" (2012), "Children of Men" presents a great approach to an untouched idea, that works almost perfectly due to its spot on direction from Curon, fantastic visuals, and all around great acting. But why ALMOST perfect? well, the films plot is great, but in the end, it can leave you wanting more and it can fell to fast-passed at times, something I deem unnecessary since the film's runtime is not long (109 minutes), maybe a couple more minutes to the film's first act, which felt a bit rushed. But that's pretty much it, everything else is amazing.Clive Owen, wow. I've seen way less of Owen then I should have. The actor is great in this film, managing to turn Theo's sad, drinking, cigarette-smoking persona onto the story's hero. Owen is a pleasant presence in the film, I'll be sure to check out more of the actor's work in my next viewings. Besides Owen's Theo, there's an interesting set of characters, the most notable of these is Kee, played well by actress Clare-Hope Ashitey, who doesn't have many lines in the film, her acting beeing based more on her facial expressions and reactions throughout events. Julianne Moore and Michael Caine both do brief appearances in the film, both are very welcomed, especially Caine, wich appears the most between the two. He plays Theo's weed-smoking friend, Jasper, a change for Caine, who usually does not play such characters.The film's directing is perfect. With fantastically orchestrated single-shot sequences, those who last to up until six minutes, these six minutes referring to the Bexhill escape scene, where Clive Owen's character, Theo, is followed by the camera as he tries to rescue Kee and leave the facility, all while a war between British forces and refugees takes place. The scene is fantastic, action packed and certainly the best moment in the whole film. It's completed with top special effects, amazing camera movements that capture both Theo, the war and the film's scenery and background, accompanied by a great mix of sounds and music that replace the film's score for the scene. The scene is not the only single-shot sequence in the film, another amazing one is the four minutes roadside ambush scene, which was deemed impossible to shoot by some. Ignoring the "Impossible" factor, Curon managed to shoot the scene greatly, with no apparent CGI involved in the making. The film's cinematography is too worth mentioning. It all looks astonishing, with great shots showing beautiful scenery , especially in the film's final scene in the boat, these are accompanied by the fine use of light and editing to better capture the shot."Children of Men" is a fantastic accomplishment from director Alfonso Curon, it's a shame the movie did not get the attention it deserved in its box office, it is really a must-see if you are a movie geek. The visuals and camera usage well leave you astonished, and although the films pace and plot may look slow or kinda of boring for some, for those who can actually see the films beauty and originality, the film will be a fine piece. 4/5.

Joe M (ru) wrote: A fun second installment to a cinematic adventure of a classic Anglo crime serial. Robert Downey, Jr. is masterful in his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. 11/13/15