Unnodu Oru Naal

Unnodu Oru Naal

Karthik (Arjun) discovers that his wife Priya (Neelam) is having an affair and follows her to a hotel. He books a room very next to hers and tells his close friend Madhav (Gibran) of his intention to commit suicide. But little does he know that it is Madhav who is Priya's secret lover!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:118 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
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Unnodu Oru Naal torrent reviews

Dave N (gb) wrote: Lousy acting tips off the killer (allegedly a surprise) about 10 minutes into the movie which makes for REALLY slow going. It looks like they tried the best they could, not that that's saying much. A few mildly suspenseful moments but for the most part it's just predictable, dull and extremely pointless.

Sam N (ca) wrote: "what can u do for me",i liked that line.A nice movie

Timothy G (nl) wrote: Righteous Kill is a good movie but falls short of the high expectations that both De Niro and Pacino have set in their previous work. Starring two of the greatest screen actors ever you expect this to blow you away, but for me their great meeting came in Heat. Still, both actors put in decent performances just not their best. The direction is sufficient, but the movie could have been so much more with a less predictable storyline and sharper dialogue. It is a reasonable watch but not outstanding.

Willie L (kr) wrote: This was a very good movie! I was very entertained, it was the very first zombie movie I have ever seen in theaters. There were a lot of great and incredible shots in the film. I will very definitely be watching this movie again! I would suggest it anyone!

Arseniy V (ca) wrote: Another shallow, cookiecutter movie that looks at the potential-future-utopia versus status-quo topic and ultimately tries to convince us that (mild spoiler) anything but the status quo would be even worse. How easy is this for 1st-worlders to keep spouting? The juxtaposition of this topic's enormity and how little actually gets added with most every new such movie - never ceases to amaze me. Almost like it's just another mini-genre, with a very specific formula and a quota for how many such movies need hit the market each year or two.

Livia B (us) wrote: Emocionate historia de Lane Frost....assistido pela 3 vez.

Christopher L (gb) wrote: Well, here's a ridiculous movie.

Duncan B (gb) wrote: Absolutely awful but strangely compelling.

Justin A (de) wrote: Great setting, great cast, but ultimately underwhelming. There was too much unmet potential. Takes itself a bit too seriously and doesn't get as campy as you would like. There were so many more chances for gore and deaths, but it just never delivered. The make up effects are good and some of the deaths memorable, but if it went all out like a movie like Dead Alive this could have been a horror masterpiece. As it stands, it's a solid overlooked film, but nothing that's must-see.By the way, does Viggo Mortensen have something written into contracts where he must show his ass in every movie? Seriously...