On these streets everyone is fighting for a way out, but after a lifetime of hard knocks, a down-on-his-luck cage fighter gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he is chosen to compete against the MMA world champion during a massive competition. The stakes are high and the reward great...but should he lose, it will cost him his life.

The best fighter in the world works two jobs. The only problem... he doesn't know he's the best. Ringo Duran, the son of Gracie Duran, a famous Argentinian kick boxer, works two jobs to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bradley J (de) wrote: This movie drowns itself in annoying quirkiness. The leads are talented, but the film is a bland coming-of-age tale that is nowhere near as poignant or fun as the similar The Way Way Back. Catch that instead and leave this trying to hard to be hipster and cool movie on the backburner. Rating: 43

Elle J (gb) wrote: Funny, unexpected twists.

Berni E (mx) wrote: Brenda Blethyn and Sotigui Kouyate's performances are outstanding as parents searching for their missing children after the 7/7 bombings.

Lorraine M (nl) wrote: Not even worth half a star. Possibly the most boring film I have ever watched. Appalling cast, acting, script and direction..nothing was good about this film at all. Its an absolute insult to describe this as "Best British heist movie since the Italian Job" and to put it in the "Thriller" genre of film is a big mistake. It was bland. There was no story. No excitement. No action. No suspense. No thrill. The closest this film got to being the "Best British heist movie since the Italian Job" was that it was also a film....that's it! To be perfectly honest, I'm not even sure Daylight Robbery can be called a film. It's more like a group of actors who are not even in the 'Z-list' classification trying to fill their time and get some money together to buy a tin of low cost baked beans for dinner! Total waste of time watching it!

Matt G (jp) wrote: Whedon manages some good team-based-humor (ala Serenity) in his script, but otherwise the lack of build in the characters and story hurt this very un-Disney Disney film. It?s not awful, but it?s much too predictable and even kinda boring to really recommend?slightly worse than the other early-aughts Disney adventure Treasure Planet.

Campbell P (ag) wrote: Flirting With Disaster is directed by one of my personal favorite directors, David O. Russell. This director did what I never thought could be fully possible, I found a movie where I liked Ben Stiller! The whole cast, Ben Stiller included, was brilliant and perfect. The leads were fantastic and really realistic portrayals of real people involved in marriage troubles. The real scene stealers, however, were George Segal, Mary Tyler Moore, and Richard Jenkins. I laughed at every moment they were on screen and played a major role in what made this movie so funny. Besides the characters listed, the other laughs were basically based on situational or physical humor, like Mel's parents being acid dealers. The story in a nutshell involves Mel in search of his long lost parents he never knew and him along with his wife, Nancy, and the adoption agency woman. Both of them struggle to stay calm with each other and slowly start to fade towards other people. While I read the plot for the movie, on paper, it sounded like it was going to be one bad event after another sort of situation but it resulted in a lot of great comedic writing and realistic themes. While the film shows off a couple sort of breaking apart a bit, it explores what marriage is really like sometimes and that we aren't always thinking about what we have already. What I mean is that we sometimes misjudge people for acting selfish when it could really just be yourself in the end. Both the characters of Mel and Nancy could be disliked by an audience but I find it impossible to simply because they still love each other and are able to jump over an obstacle because they realize what is right for them. There's a few conversations throughout the film about what's morally right and how to handle a situation like they did. This film perfectly blends two plots together and they really go hand in hand. You can call this movie a romantic comedy, a road trip movie, or even a realistic drama. What makes films like this so great is when they are able to stick to the plot without branching off to other unnecessary subplots. The cast had excellent chemistry, Patricia Arquette and Ben Stiller are really likable once you realize that this is a real life thing, and I felt kind of a connection to this movie because anyone who has gotten into an argument with someone they love knows how some of these characters feel. Flirting With Disaster is a really good film that accurately displays what it means to be in a relationship/married. It's hard to watch at times but in the end I knew that this realistic plot is meaningful and really sweet. B+

Scott C (br) wrote: I loved this back when it first came out, but I slowly came to see its weaknesses over the years.

Chris W (fr) wrote: Really wanting to get more into Jackie Chan

Bradley K (ag) wrote: Awesome in an 89s cheeseball way.

Nate T (it) wrote: Great fun but there is almost no story.

Megan E (ru) wrote: I really liked it! It's a pretty good movie you guys would enjoy it! It was one of the ispirations for "Down With Love"!

Igor A (de) wrote: Mads Mikkelsen + Eva Green

Bum D (mx) wrote: a return to an overdone theme...more of the same.