Until Proven Innocent

Until Proven Innocent

In 1993 David Dougherty was found guilty and imprisoned for the abduction and rape of his 11 year old neighbor. It took two trials, two high court appeals, a petition to the Governor General and 3 years, 6 months and 1 week in prison before David finally won his freedom and was found not guilty of the crime he didn't commit. But it wouldn't have happened without the unrelenting efforts of three individuals - a journalist, a lawyer and a scientist - who put their own personal and professional lives on the line in order to prove that David Dougherty was innocent.

In 1993 David Dougherty was found guilty and imprisoned for the abduction and rape of his 11 year old neighbor. It took two trials, two high court appeals, a petition to the Governor ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ashwin K (ag) wrote: Only This actor can give a top-notch crap movie, beating his previous worst movies!!!

Craig T (br) wrote: This movie angered me for reasons that are somewhat difficult to put my finger on. Perhaps it has something to do with the main character's poor choices; the supporting character's poor behaviors; the editor's poor structuring; or, the too-cute approach to an all-too-familiar generational malaise that continues to be treated as cute even by those suffering at its hands the most. Or, you know, maybe all of those things. Gerwig emerges unscathed as a great talent, but the movie hurt my soul.

Armando B (br) wrote: I found this interesting since I didn't know too much about J. Edgar. The two male leads were outstanding. I am sure there was quite a bit of artistic license taken but overall gave an interesting bio on the man and his life, left you making your own conclusions to some circumstances, also made me realize how ahead of his time and how influential J. Edgar was for our forensics now. So for this being a nice bio pic, and liking the performance of Leonardo Dicaprio, I give "J. Edgar" a solid C.

Kevin C (br) wrote: Nowt to do with Madonna's kid, but instead we are in the French Pyrenean pilgrimage site. This is a mysterious, ensemble piece about the role of miracles in the modern world. The characters are obviously scripted, but the places are real, and we are allowed to watch the drama unfolding in such a location, both creepy and magical, dour and maybe uplifting. The film starts to focus around Christine. She is frail, pretty and living with multiple sclerosis and unable to move her body below the neck. Christine??s religious beliefs seem lukewarm (prefering the cultural trips to Rome) but the pilgrimage is having a strange effect on her and soon she??s the focus of everyone. Are we witnessing a miracle? Is Christine manipulating the situation? Is she really ill? And are we cruel even to entertain that last thought? The beauty of this film is that just when you think it??s going to take a sneering swipe at Lourdes, its tacky souvenirs and deluded visitors, the film takes a much less easy ?? and more inquiring ?? turn. There??s also a delicious streak of black humour that runs through the film and stops it from becoming too pious or maudlin. The result is a provocative and surprising pleasure.

Chuck S (ru) wrote: 10 years ahead of it's time.

JD E (us) wrote: I had to stop this before it got started. Looks like they shot it on a disposable camera.

Daniel J (es) wrote: Great story , set in a temple, big battle , low budget good concept.

Scott C (ca) wrote: I love Nick Stahl and Misa Tomei. There was loads to like, but I think it was ultimately just too slow paced for my tastes.

Blair K (jp) wrote: very good movie and you feel for the main characters b/c they both have their issues and just trying to make their way in the world. ultimately sad but compelling as well.

John D (gb) wrote: A fairly decent sequel. Don't watch it with high expectations and you'll like it. Although there were a few fairly pointless subplots like the entire game show winner arc and the absolutely useless dream recording. For an older sci-fi movie, the movie looks good, on par with Logan's Run. Unfortunately they both had the misfortune of coming out right before Star Wars changed the genre forever. Overall it had a lot of interesting ideas, but most of them never got off the ground. I'd love to see this franchise rebooted as a movie franchise, and I plan on giving the TV show a chance as well.

Steve W (ag) wrote: Tsui Hark directed this tale about destiny and revenge. A sword maker finds himself in perilous situations and loses his arm, and hones his skills to be a one armed swordsman. After honing his skills, he goes up agains the assassin who killed his father.The direction was pretty rough. Hark directs with intensity, so most of his shots are close-ups and there are many quick cuts with the editing. Some camera shake as well for more emphasis in the brutality and themes of the film.As for the action, it's pretty good. What really shines is the final battle, a flurry of swords clash and a tornado of flying blades and mixed emotions. The film is worth a viewing for this alone, but the movie is not perfect. A few subplots slow it down and the movie is very overly dramatic.A nice little martial arts film in the tradition of the Shaw Brothers movies, Dao (The Blade) is a solid action movie.

Niccol N (de) wrote: John Waters said about it : "it's just not the best film ever made : if possible, it's better than any other film which will be made in the future". And you could believe that ! Russ Meyer delivers the female version of "Motorpsycho" : a dark, pulp-flavoured story about three gangster strip-teasers that surely's had quite an influence on Quentin Tarantino. Featuring Meyer's distinctive sexual allusive, Latin America Soap-Opera style dialogue, a good sense of pace, and interesting supporting characters.To me it's the best picture of 1966, Meyer's finest, and probably the best picture ever made.

Aaron C (mx) wrote: Bleak, Bitter movie nothing truly original and a god damn slog to sit through

Byron B (kr) wrote: References Chaplin's The Gold Rush and It Happened One Night. Also contains a band of cowboys singing a song, which is musically quoted in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?. Plenty of manic slapstick. How many obstacles will the boys encounter in delivering the deed to a gold mine to its proper owner, the young and innocent Mary Roberts? Can the extremely ticklish Stanley and put-upon Ollie see past the rotten scheme of the saloon owner and his chanteuse wife to steal the gold for themselves?

Tyler R (au) wrote: It wasn't very good. It had a very interesting premise but it was very boring and slow paced. The movie didn't really go anywhere and was very predictable.

Joel A (br) wrote: An earlier Tom Mix film that has everything you need: Girls, Gun & Villains. Tom Mix was the biggest name in Western years before John Wayne claimed the title.Mix play an immigration officer trying to stop a group of bandits illegally immigrating Chinese men for labour.This film has two things that really should be commended. 1) the amazing stunt work that Tom Mix does himself 2) the sensational aerial photography of the Grand Canyon.

Philippe P (au) wrote: Mad Max, the real reboot, 25 years after. Desperate, unreal, intense. Much too dark a cinematic experience for the kiddy audience which prefers the monster trucks mindless circus of "Fury road". Michod's really a big name to look forward.

Irene S (br) wrote: pretty much action pack, great jumpers and scalers, cat and mouse game through the streets of nyc. bad guys, good guys, a tiny bit of a twist but pretty predictable.