Unwed Father

Unwed Father

9 months after a drunken sexual encounter, a young man winds up raising a baby on his own.

A carefree college student has his life turned upside down when his out-of-wedlock baby is suddenly left on his doorstep. He suddenly finds that he can no longer cope with being in school ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marino V (au) wrote: I've been going to the cinema for the last 10 years very often and never have I walked out of a movie before this one. After 30 minutes of pure camera massacre I just went home. The worst movie I ever watched.

Sandra H (jp) wrote: Really liked it. Not many good Jamaican movies and this is one of them

Betsabe A (fr) wrote: Divertida peli britnica basada en la novela de H.G. Wells. No tiene grandes efectos visuales ni maquillajes impresionantes, pero ciertamente los personajes son muy graciosos (particularmente me encant la forma en que se movan los selenites). Est buena para ver algo diferente y pasar un buen rato ^^

Jasimine B (us) wrote: I am not to sure if i have seen this one.

Hanne P (ru) wrote: den er forudsigelig...men har da sine momenter..

John M (br) wrote: a bit static as a documentary, but it unpacks the whole "magician" thing in a way that makes me respect Moore even more than I did already. I wouldn't mind more unpacking of the comics, given that the man casts a long shadow, but I can understand him not dwelling on it. Moore is pretty funny though his humor is as dry as it gets.

Cherith S (br) wrote: good movie! shame that is how people really are; lonely, desperate mother, a sick man who has no shame in themself, a woman who was robbed of her innocence as a child and grew up following the path of destruction. awful yet i have no sympathy

David T (ag) wrote: I didn't expect to like this a whole lot, I was very pleasantly surprised. I don't think I've liked Sean Penn in anything more than Sweet and Lowdown.

Russ B (mx) wrote: 11/27/2014: Meh. Movies have come as long way since this one. A pretty poor story, dialogue, and action. Arnold is an amazing specimen though.

Rickard F (mx) wrote: Bruce ar inte med speciellt mkt i denna film men de scenerna da han ar det ar fina och stunt-doublandet ar bra mkt battre an i Game of death. Nar sedan "brorssan" tar over blir fightingen annorlunda men koreografin ar nda valdigt genomarbetad och vacker. Miljoerna ar ocksa sjyssta forrutom sci-fitemat i tornet. Inte sa mkt story att snacka om fast en fin twist pa slutet. Iom att Bruce r med sa lite s blir filmen inte lika kultig som de andra men anda pastar jag att det ar en av hans battre...

Matt W (au) wrote: Highly stylized and original, but disjointed story that even starts to drag along to the inevitable. Kaji is a dull actress, and the camera won't stop shaking.

Tom H (es) wrote: true story of a insane family. Shelley Winters portrays Kate Barker, a memorable and distinctive performance.

Russell G (nl) wrote: Some may think this too hokey with a title like that. As far as alien invasion pictures go though, this is one of the best. Harryhausen thrashing Washington in stop motion is so effective that most of the CGI extravaganzas of today can't compete.

Johnny S (au) wrote: unlike anything else in cinema. essential viewing. hypnotic, hallucinogenic and ultimately irresistible.

Matt H (ag) wrote: Good movie. 95% of it is pretty outdated. But the story holds up. I thought it was funny how Cagney just hits the boys randomly throughout the movie; if an adult did that today (and in front of a priest) he'd be getting some sure legal trouble. Also I liked how the gangsters were all getting defeated by a priest standing up to them in the press and radio in making speeches, without having any actual proof to use against them. Oh, and how nowadays it seems strange right after you get out jail (3 years) the first thing you do is go to a gym to watch boys playing sports...with a priest...lol.

Priscilla B (it) wrote: Wow, this movie is soo soo boring. The only good parts are the ones with Emma Thompson and she is hardly on screen. I am soo soo disappointed. This reminds me of 'In Secret' but Dakota Fanning is no Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Sturridge is not Oscar Isaac.

Gavin S (mx) wrote: Fantastic piece of acting by the always super Hal Holbrook. The story of a man at the end of his road in life reflecting back and refusing to go off quietly into his senior's home. A grumpy old codger like I always aim to be, so I loved him right off the top. After breaking out of the old folks home, he gets to his farm to discover his son has leased it out to a ne'er do well drunkard who spends his days drinking and doing a lot of nothing. Abner (Holbrook) refuses to leave, saying it's his home, and sets up in the Sharecroper's shack next to the farmhouse. It's here that the battle of wills really begins. Great to just sit back and watch the 2 of them go at it. This was also the last film work of the late Dixie Carter, Holbrook's real life wife, who plays his now deceased wife in the film, which adds even more poigniancy. Barry Corbin of Northern Exposure fame supports as Abner's neighbour. Great to see that older actors aren't relegated to the sidelines. Shares some similarities with Clint's 'Gran Torino', vis-a-vis old widowed men adjusting to new realities while maintaining their morals from bygone eras. To top it off, fantastic music from Patterson Hood (Drive By Truckers) makes this a great piece of Southern filmmaking that could take place anywhere and apply to most men of that age. Highly recommended.