Up Close & Personal

Up Close & Personal

Tally Atwater has a dream: to be a prime-time network newscaster. She pursues this dream with nothing but ambition, raw talent and a homemade demo tape. Warren Justice is a brilliant, hard edged, veteran newsman. He sees Tally has talent and becomes her mentor. Tally’s career takes a meteoric rise and she and Warren fall in love. The romance that results is as intense and revealing as television news itself. Yet, each breaking story, every videotaped crisis that brings them together, also threatens to drive them apart...

An ambitious young woman, determined to build a career in TV journalism, gets good advice from her first boss, and they fall in love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnson C (us) wrote: While the plot seems going to left, it doesn't. Better than expected.

jen b (gb) wrote: booooorrrrrrrrrrring

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Eric W (br) wrote: Some tough moments where it was hard to stay with the cast on this one.

Ricardo B (es) wrote: The story was amazing throughout the whole movie.

Leong C (jp) wrote: A fantastic effort by Spike Lee, tackling yet another social issue, with Harvey Keitel giving a great performance...

Joel H (mx) wrote: Not as good as other 80s teen comedies I've seen. With the premise and cast, this could have been much much better.

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