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Lieutenant Braden discovers that Sally, the woman he's been falling in love with, has actually been checking out his qualifications to be a U.S. Navy frogman. He must put his personal life behind him after being assigned to be smuggled into a Japanese-held island via submarine to photograph radio codes.

Lieutenant Braden discovers that Sally, the woman he's been falling in love with, has actually been checking out his qualifications to be a U.S. Navy frogman. He must put his personal life ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rene S (mx) wrote: SIFF 2008: La France nos remonta a la Primera Guerra Mundial para presentarnos la historia de una mujer que haciendose pasar por hombre entra al campo de batalla para buscar a su esposo. Lo que pintaba como un filme interesante se convierte en algo tedioso e irreal.

Alexander C (us) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

Karl B (ag) wrote: Utter shit! I wanted to stab both my eyes out after watching this!

John P (gb) wrote: This was the worst Bond movie I've ever seen. The corny dialogue seemed like it was trying to keep pace with the Austin Powers spoofs.

Alison P (fr) wrote: I found this movie good, but dull. The big family secret that is unearthed during the film's midpoint is really not all that salacious, devious, surprising or alarming. Slow-moving indie with great actors, but a plot that more belongs in a made-for-TV flick.

Roderick S (jp) wrote: One of my favorite movies. The movie has action and humor.

David P (us) wrote: One of the great comedies of the 90's. Brings back great memories!

Shawn L (gb) wrote: I'm a big fan of John Witherspoon and he doesn't disappoint. I'm not sure how I missed this movie when it came out but I was impressed I still like the movie.

Tico P (br) wrote: Scum is another one that got banned in 1979 turning it also into a Video Nasty cult classic. It starred a very young Ray Winstone, and was directed by Alan Clarke. It was made by England's BBC, and two years later aired on Channel 4. Due to its controversial theme, violent anti establishment nature, it created scandals, and was quickly removed and banned. It was a product of the Thatcher era, so no wonder ... THIS REVIEW CONTAINS PLOT SPOILERS. IF IN DOUBT, TURN AWAY NOW ... PLOT: Carlin (Ray Winstone ) is handcuffed and being transferred to an second institution/borstal after for assaulting a warder in self defense. Most inmates are young men around 14 +, doing time for petty crimes as theft, drug possession ... etc. On arrival he is humiliated by his warders, aware of his previous offenses assuring his stay a living hell. Carlin tries to adapt and keep a low profile, facing the fears and dangers of daily incarceration. Racism, violence, rape and brutality are to be avoided at all costs on a daily basis. Carlin becomes acquainted with inmate Archer. Archer is a vegetarian refusing to wear boots as they are made of leather soles. He also claims being an atheist making the warders jobs a most complicated affair. Of course this is intentional, as Archer has no need making the C**ts jobs any easier, in non violent fashion. Carlin is one day beaten up but plans his revenge. He goes to the recreation room stealing two snooker balls, inserting them in to a sock as his weapon of choice. He then goes to the head of the inmates known as the DADDY. Carlin brutally assaults the DADDY with his handy sock, and bashes him in the head several times. Satisfied Carlin yells: "Who's your Daddy now!" The warders arrive, the inmates refuse selling out Carlin and his triumph as the new Daddy is assured. Carlin tells the warder the injured inmate slipped, and is then sent to the hole. After time in the hole, life for Carlin and those under his leadership seem to improve. Another inmate Davis, is constantly mocked by warders and other inmates. Davis is brutally gang raped in a greenhouse, as the warders hold guard. Begging the borstal doctors for help, Davis wants to be transferred to another unit but is ignored. Later the young lad commits suicide slitting his wrists. The inmates are infuriated as Davis's misfortune could have been prevented. A massive riot breaks loose, turning into a bloody war as several inmates are badly beaten by their captors. Two inmates are beaten to death. Scum is as you can tell a very brutal film. Scum is full of profanity and graphic violence. Warders offensively call blacks "Nigg Noggs". Inmates refer to their captors as "Cunts" The C word is used throughout the film even more the F word in SCARFACE. If you have a problem with English dialects like cockney, you'll have to watch this with subtitles to get the whole package. Scum makes A CLOCKWORK ORANGE pale in comparison according to its violent nature. In a very violent scene, Carlin is confronted by a gang of 3 black inmates. The black leader asks "Where's ya tool", Carlin answers "What fu**ing tool?", he pulls out a big lead water pipe concealed is his jacket, then generously delivers several blows to the leaders face, scaring off the other two, "This Fu**ing tool!". Scum's constant violence and humiliation leaves the viewer short of air, feeling hopeless. It is very claustrophobic and is a hard film to shake off afterwards. The gang rape in the greenhouse is one of the most brutal scenes I have ever seen in a film made for television, and I guarantee it will stick to mind for a few days after. A film like this is a perfect example of young men being dehumanized within the system. They are treated like numbers and not human beings, SCUM. In 1983 it was re made in America as BAD BOYS, starring Sean Penn and SHAWSHANK warden Clancey Brown. In the re make soda cans from a vending machine are used instead of snooker balls. It's not bad either but a bit dated and silly. Scum has been released on DVD by Blue Underground and can be easily found on the net. Director Alan Clarke also directed MADE IN BRITAIN and THE FIRM (1988) starring Gary Oldman. He passed away in 1990 at the young age of 54. If you liked CHOPPER, you'll probably like this.

Maico (br) wrote: Huge disappointment. I love the Marx brothers comedies but this was utter rubbish. I was hoping for a really good film what with Marilyn Monroe being in it. The big flaw in this would have to be the fact that Groucho wasn't in it. Ok, he was in it but not enough to make a substantial film. It was made up of the silly gags between Harpo and Chico, which lets be honest, couldn't make up a full length film. It was missing the classic Groucho one liners that too it from sillyness to proper intellectual comedy.

John A (es) wrote: A Couple Stop At A Motel, When Their Car Breaks Down, They Quickly Come Across Some Snuff Videos & Realise That They Might Be The Next Victims So Decide To Fight Back. This Is A Well-Made Horror/Thriller, With A Decent Script And Performances. The Film However Excels With It's Tension Building Scenes, It's Atmosphere, The Directional & Editorial Cuts & Of Course It's Musical Score. All Are Used Very Effectively. It Also Helps That It's An Original Twist On The Typical Slasher Movie, All In A Very Entertaining Movie.