Up the Academy

Up the Academy

This puber-comedy is a kind of mixture between 'Animal House' and 'Police Academy'. Four boys are sent, for different reasons, to a the Sheldon R. Wienberg military academy. The life of dicipline asks a lot of the four geeks. Of course these boys know how to make a party out of the hard times. Will they be 'real men' after one year? Written by Evert Poppen

This puber-comedy is a kind of mixture between 'Animal House' and 'Police Academy'. Four boys are sent, for different reasons, to a the Sheldon R. Wienberg military academy. The life of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rich D (mx) wrote: Top 10 worst movie ever...

Zaria H (nl) wrote: I admit that I absolutely fell in love with this movie, it was charming, the animation was beautiful and I really fell for the characters. I feel that the family issues gave the movie depth and there wasn't a character that I hated. The whole movie just felt good :) Really funny too. I highly recommend it!

Huw G (kr) wrote: Nice but a bit forgettable.

Hunter W (fr) wrote: I'm embarrassed to say as a kid I really liked this the first time I saw it.

Saad N (de) wrote: A highly impressive and difficult film that displays the power of speech and conviction brought to light by one of the most one of the best performances I have seen on film by Franois Bgaudeau.

Nisrin A (kr) wrote: The only points I'll give this movie is parts of the cinematorgraphy. But perhaps that as well as the rest of this film has been stolen from the brilliant Korean film 'Old Boy'. This film makes me lose respect for the Indian film industry, moreso because a film like Old Boy should ideally inspire so much creativity, and not plagaristic behaviours from directors, actors and cinematographers today. I am thoroughly dissappointed and will look at all of Sanjay Gupta's films with a prejudiced eye!

Kenneth (mx) wrote: pretty accurite in that it shows the real people you meet when you are a trucker.

Josi A (it) wrote: alguem tem esse filme eu quero assistir

Kay T (ru) wrote: honestly i've seen my fair share of these babysitting and they arent so bad. colorful, trippy, decent songs in a 5 yr olds head. better than alota the shit coming out now a days

JayCee C (ag) wrote: cute movie...kinda like a mom and me movie.. lol

Mike V (fr) wrote: Top notch, and Pomeranc, Mantegna, Fishburne, Allen, and Kingsley are all amazing. Anytime you a movie can build suspense around chess, its off to a great start. This movie holds no punches, and each person surrounding Waitzkin give a little of themselves, until he teaches them everything.

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