Up Your Alley

Up Your Alley

The All-Out Sex Comedy Riot!

A nerdy virgin who spends most of his waking hours dreaming about big-busted, naked women gets a job catering at a film festival party that is chock full of his "dream girls". Unfortunately... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica M (br) wrote: The movie was terrible. I don't have to say anything more then that.

Ted N (br) wrote: Retired misanthropic actor is tempted by a successful colleague's offer to cast him in his new production of Le Misanthrope. But who will play which role? Urbane, slightly flimsy, middlebrow tale with some first rate acting to take your mind off the occasionally rather low slapstick and farce. Lovely locations on the Ile de Re.

Gabo A (us) wrote: I get it. We live in cynical times. But this movie is so amoral it's frightening. Maybe that's the point. But it's almost not funny after a while and disturbing in its irresponsibility. And plus, parts of Africa are corrupt? This is a news flash? The film has no humanity.

Olivier P (br) wrote: Gainsbourg life as dreamed up by Joann Star. Most likely not accurate but it does feel like it captures the character of the singer-songwriter. Made me want to listen to his songs again.


Greg W (ca) wrote: 2 problems i had with this WWii drama: A) the snow is horribly fake and REALLY looks fake and sprayed on the box raves about cimematograpgy well its just ok and i think from what my parents told me like would have been alot harsher than we see in this pic.

Mark G (kr) wrote: I enjoyed that. Is that us?

Bill T (ag) wrote: Absolutely cringeworthy. Oh god Steve Guttenberg, how could you.

Lauri L (fr) wrote: Excellent portrait on artist. Jeffrey Wright and the the cast on sideroles do good job.

Burns C (nl) wrote: A great sequel to a great movie, while the dubbed dialogue isn't the best, and there are a few edit mistakes, it is a triumph over almost all other Showa era Gojiras, even though that isn't saying very much

Sophie R (gb) wrote: 3/5. Concept is ideal for a thriller, entertaining, and a good set-up. I loved how the movie was progressive in how it's atmosphere periodically shifted. The husband gets closer and closer, until he finally gets to her, and then ..well ..a lame ending. Made me empty and want more, honestly, this flick could've been a lot better. Worth a shot, a lot of good drama and suspense in here.