Urban Warriors

Urban Warriors

Three technicians working in an underground laboratory discover that a nuclear war has destroyed most of the aboveground world. After a brief search for food, the trio find that gangs of murderous mutants want them for their next meal. Will the scientists be able to find other uncontaminated humans to rebuild civilization with, or will they all end up as mutant chow?

Three technicians working in an underground laboratory discover that a nuclear war has destroyed most of the aboveground world. After a brief search for food, the trio find that gangs of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (ag) wrote: This was a rather slow movie, but the twist at the end was pretty good.

Zach M (ag) wrote: Unlike Piranha 3D, this is just straight bad.The cast wasn't nearly as good and the setting seemed forced and too ridiculous.Yes, there is a lot of nudity and some creative gore scenes but it just doesn't work.I am not a fan Danielle Panabaker and since Feast, John Gulager just hasn't made a good movie.

Thomas H (nl) wrote: This wasn't as bad as I thought. It's pretty fast paced with jumps here and there and some scenes are pretty creepy. The beginning scene is really good too. But the only flaw is how the toothfairy actually looked. It somewhat looked fake and low budgeted. But overall, I recommend watching this.

Fong K (br) wrote: viewed on 25/9/04 (Sat)This together with DEEP BLUE SEA are two adventure actioners I am keen to catch. I don't really know why. Just got a good feeling about them.I like VERTICAL LIMIT and even have a certain respect for it. It is quite hard to come across a rather human adventure actioner. It chooses not to let its male lead be the sole hero with all the bright ideas and fearless gut. It does not have any unarmed combat and gunfight to induce excitement. The only antagonists are the violent weather, the treacherous terrain and all that snow. The movie keeps this as a focus and develops into a very nail-biting rescue mission, that is believable and never over-the-top melodramatic.There are many scenes which require a very clear-minded person to make very very tough decisions, even that means seeing your loved ones and close friends die. Up there, if you let your emotions get in the way, you will jeopardise the survival chances of many others. Making sacrifices become more of logical than emotional. Respecting and saving life is of paramount importance. I gain a good idea of the psyche of a mountain climber.Rating: B+

Paul G (it) wrote: Another film noir has Woody Harrelson involved with Elisabeth Shue and Gina Gershon, in faking a kidnapping which turns out real, and he ends up in the deep doo doo.

Spermian J (mx) wrote: Goodhearted, earnest cinema.

Stuart A (us) wrote: Watched this in Italian. Didn't understand a word of it. Didn't matter.Barry Bostwick's hair alone more than made up for that.The battle scene on the dry bed of Lake Gamibia? Epic!Always a pleasure to see the matinee-idol looks of Edward Mulhare too.A gem!

JamesMasaki R (jp) wrote: It was a throwback to the detective movies from the 1940's, infused with the new and cool television detective series during its time in the 60's, and we get Lew Harper. An imperfect man who is a private detective, who fights for himself, doesn't care about protocal or rules, and gets the job done. Newman was excellent in the role, William Goldman's debut script is witty and fun, but it was a little too long and confusing until they wrap things up in the end. It obviously influenced a lot of detectives including Columbo to the most recent incarnation of Sherlock Holmes, and I'd say for the best.

Nick M (nl) wrote: A well told and very funny story about broken honor and the pursuit of redemption.

Ilsa L (ag) wrote: Another rollicking good yarn from the writers of "The Lady Vanishes". I was amused to see Charters and Caldicott again too.

Shane D (it) wrote: Holy moly, if the image of Pam Grier in that red dress in this movie doesn't stay with me for weeks I don't know what will! I have had the Roy Ayers soundtrack to this Blaxploitation film for a long time, and finally had gotten around to watching this, and I gotta say, I enjoyed it a lot. Typically, a lot of the exploitation films from the 70s are enjoyable more because of the irony and or the excessive nudity/violence contained within...but this had something else. Well actually, it also had excessive nudity and violence and a kicking soundtrack and all of the things you'd normally expect, but its some of the coolest excessive nudity and violence you'll witness in ages...trust me. Did I mention that Pam Grier is hotness personified in this?

Alfredo S (nl) wrote: A lifeless, heartless and dull flick, filled with lame acting, and chessy drama. And its unintentional laughs are not enough to make it "The Room" bad.

Cooper H (nl) wrote: Wayne's World is a wacky and fun movie, nothing more nothing less.