Urmi is a transgendered person living in Mumbai. The city unfolds through her. She haunts public toilets...

Urmi is a transgendered person living in Mumbai. The city unfolds through her. She haunts public toilets and walks streets searching for love while going through violent encounters with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daisuke A (gb) wrote: An army medic finds herself alienated from her five-year old son having returned from a 15-month tour in Afghanistan. She is at a loss as to how to uphold her allegiance to the country as a soldier while being a good mother. She tries but of course it does not work as she is reassigned to go back to Afghanistan. Why does it work for men (fathers) and not for women (mothers?) It could have been more interesting if the film explored the gender issue deeper. A good performance by Michelle Monaghan (the mother) though.

Eliabeth M (kr) wrote: Girl Model es un documental que explora el lado oscuro del modelaje, a travs de los ojos las modelos, pero tambin de los scouts que son responsables de toda esta explotacin. Nadya es una nia de Siberia, donde el negocio del modelaje es visto como la salida de la pobreza, y estas jvenes se ven presionadas a audicionar en competencias, y ganar el anhelado contrato, y son enviadas a pases como Japn, donde les prometen grandes sumas de dinero. Ashley, una de las muchos scouts en esa parte del mundo, las examina, y finalmente decide si son adecuadas para el trabajo. Este ticket para salir de Siberia es visto como ganarse la lotera, pero al ser las jvenes tan ingenuas, al igual que sus familias, no se imaginan en lo que se estn metiendo. Este documental realmente es perturbador, porque creemos que el modelaje es un mundo glamoroso, pero sobretodo para estas menores de edad, no es mas que un negocio donde la explotacin es la norma. Se aprovechan de las necesidades monetarias, pero ni siquiera en eso se ven beneficiadas, porque algunas de estas modelos regresan a estas pequeas ciudades con grandes deudas, y empeoran su situacin. La scout Ashley, que por cierto sola ser modelo, es una persona claramente inestable, que usa su posicin para hacer ganancias a costa de esta situacin desafortunada. Este es un documental deprimente, pero que es necesario verlo para realmente entender que pasa detrs de escena en el mundo del modelaje.

Robert K (es) wrote: Amazing recreation of a devastating time in Europe's recent past. Acting is consistently brilliant.


Steve C (us) wrote: David Oyelowo was really good at an impossible role, almost in the same way as Daniel Day-Lewis was as "Lincoln." Surprised how much detail of this history I already knew (or maybe not) but others will find it more enlightening. I particularly enjoyed the personal moments of doubt and challenge that Dr. King faced. Think the film may have been a little hard on LBJ, though. Just a little.

Kurt F (ca) wrote: Horror folk, if you haven't seen this one, you should. It's grueling and gruesome and based in real testimony of U731 doctors and survivors.

Hugo S (au) wrote: En definitiva...te esperas lo que no te esperabas...de quien menos te esperabas! No la habia visto y me la avente ayer

Michael T (es) wrote: Stylish but wildly uneven.

Reece L (ru) wrote: Exotica centers around a nightclub of the same name, where mirrors have people on the other side and the clientele are connected in mysterious ways. Drawing from the seedy energy of his gorgeous rendering of urban nightlife, Egoyan shoots his characters through slats and behind bars, generating the effect that you're spying on the most intimate moments of their lives (an appropriate choice given the substance of these interactions), interweaving their stories in such a way as to comment on jealousy, loss, and male presumptions in regards to their supposed ownership of the female body. The way he ties everything together is relatively brilliant, refusing to give anything away until he absolutely wants to; the result is a fascinating experience and a great piece of filmmaking.

Vincent T (it) wrote: "Miracle sur la 8eme rue"Wow !! Je n'avais pas revu ce film depuis sa diffusion sur Canal+ a l'epoque. Produit par Steven Spielberg, K.Kennedy, F.Marshall, musique de James Horner, ce petit film est le genre de film qui rend heureux. Et malgre les annees, il n'a pas pris une ride.

Shib Shankar S (ag) wrote: De Sica's story of re-affirmation of life from a bleak existence. It is about the struggle of an old man to keep from falling apart in acute financial crisis in post-war Italy. It is mostly a character-driven film and more is said through gestures than words in a minimalist framework. The part where the protagonist comes back from the verge and accepts life is just unforgettable.

Jennifer B (mx) wrote: Oscar win best supporting actress Anne Revere

Sean M (ru) wrote: Maybe it's because I was reading Gibson around the time but I liked it and Reeves emotional less portrayal fit the role. Far more interesting than John Wick....