USA vs Al-Arian

USA vs Al-Arian

USA vs AL-ARIAN is a close portrait of an Arab-American family facing terrorism charges leveled by the U.S. Government. The film shows a personal story of a family living in a society where...

USA vs AL-ARIAN is a close portrait of an Arab-American family facing terrorism charges leveled by the U.S. Government. The film shows a personal story of a family living in a society where... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Courtney K (us) wrote: oh my gosh. yelling and screaming give me headaches -- this was way too over dramatic. i couldn't finish watching it.

Nalindra F (ru) wrote: Shouldered by career defining phenomenal performances from Ranbir Kapoor & Priyanka Chopra Barfi is epitome of quality Indian cinema. An emotional beautiful uplifting movie that invites us to question our priorities in life. A rare movie that deserves an above perfect score if possible for its direction & performance

Christopher N (ru) wrote: Remarkable study of what it's like to totally devote yourself to mastering your craft or art. I only wish the filmmaker had subscribed to Jiro's standards of simplicity and purity. The film needed another pass through the edit room, and the overbearing Philip Glass style music score got on my nerves after a while.

jessica r (it) wrote: love it! great older movie

Tom K (fr) wrote: A master class in how not to make a movie. There was probably a cut, on average, every second. As if the horrific plot and acting weren't enough to make you throw up, the awful directing certainly will. But what else can you expect from a guy who claims his last name is "Megaton"? This man should be prosecuted by The Hague for crimes against humanity. Please, don't allow this monster to harm another poor, defenseless camera.

Gabriel P (ag) wrote: Incrivelmente ftil, idiota e clich, mas as sequncias de ao so fenomenais...

Kris S (br) wrote: suspenceful ghostly story.

Ta T (jp) wrote: This movie has improved with time. We have bought 4 copies of the movie and college friends of my son have repeatedly "borrowed" them. Its a movie to watch when you want to relax and laugh. Like Mel Brooks, its just funny with no sex or bad language. No, its not a great comedy like Mad Mad World, but its fun.

Efran S (jp) wrote: It's sweet and sensual and enchanting... But the ending is really weird.

Jeffrey C (fr) wrote: Please cry me a sad river. Every moment is heart breaking.

Josh A (ag) wrote: Moderately funny, but the poor film-making quality and ridiculously stupid plot drag it down

Michael T (mx) wrote: Pascale Ogier is delightful in this Eric Rohmer dramedy.

Tom B (gb) wrote: I never got to see the Mad Max movies when I was a kid. I saw everything else, but just skipped over these because the whole post apocalyptic desert environment seemed boring while growing up. I burned these to DVD about 6 years ago and just decided to watch them for the first time this week. I guess it's about time after all the well deserved success of Fury Road. The first one is weird because it's an seventies cop vs. biker gang action movie. Totality not what one would expect for an introduction to this series. Mel Gibson was 23 years old and still Australian. The family revenge sequence is about 20 minutes long and then it just ends. Very odd and surprising that such a successful franchise was born from this.

Michael W (it) wrote: Two bikers 'have a row' and separate whereupon one feels guilty and attempts to reconnect. Moves at a snail's pace, not recommended to the MTV generation or those with short attention spans.

Todd G (ca) wrote: Even the weak moments are saved by Poitier, who invests his role with a subtle warmth. (Time)

Kevin M W (br) wrote: How can anyone learn to love or love freely when we all come from such flawed backgrounds, when no one knows how to love? This work intelligently explores this dynamic with two souls who come together specifically because of their tangled roots and their innate distrust of even themselves. Put this on a double feature with The Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind.

Harrison R (gb) wrote: Great book, shitty adapted screenplay and direction. Paul Weitz, I could've done better than you.