Uslovna sloboda

Uslovna sloboda

Action-comedy that follows the Secret Service, runaway generals, admirals, and patriotic organizations, ICTY inductees, accidental and deliberate actors where price is, basically, all ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Serbian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Action-comedy that follows the Secret Service, runaway generals, admirals, and patriotic organizations, ICTY indictees, accidental and deliberate actors where price is, basically, all simulations of reality, virtual world where people can move without a face, with imaginary professions, actions and intentions, perverse game devoid of logic and sense relocated. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Uslovna sloboda torrent reviews

Tony L (es) wrote: Mediocre, forzada y bizarra

Tayyab R (us) wrote: Based on a true story, Beyond the Blackboard could more accurately be described as an account cum feature film. It would perhaps be unwise to criticize it for its crudeness. However, since the performances weren't too 'dramatized', if one's looking for a strong feel-good film, this might not leave much of a mark.

Eric P (nl) wrote: lots of laughs and heart and having HHH and Yardly Smirth in it does not hurt either

Gary M (kr) wrote: It was ok. Other ones are better

Bill B (it) wrote: Super low budget vampire fare that's somewhat notable for Sid Haig and Ken Foree being in the same film again, but little else. The lackluster budget and out of sequence storytelling does little except dress up a so-so plot, and by the end of the film, there's little actual resolution.Rental at best.

Wiebke K (de) wrote: Beautifully filmed, dealing with a cruel subject, but doing this through graceful performances, this is an interesting movie.

Liy I (ca) wrote: It is a great real life story, but I didn't feel Peirce was perfect actor for this movie and same goes for Annie Galipeau. Again it's a good movie to watch.

Luke B (au) wrote: I don't know what to say about this film. Rumor has it that Whoopi Goldberg didn't actually want any part of it, finally accepted for $7 million. It's a horrific mess of a movie. It starts with an opening crawl and narration that tells us "Once upon a time in the future..." already it's losing me. "At midnight tomorrow..." Wait a minute. The future is midnight tomorrow? Or am ... whatever. It then tells us the plot of the film, even revealing the villain, which I think was supposed to be a twist, but we're told his entire plan.

Louisa P (ag) wrote: omg richard gere is soooo hot in this ^^ yum, reallly good film, lets all go have affairs with americans ^_^

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