After his wife passes away and a heart attack forces him to retire, middle-aged widower Raghuveer Rajadhyaksh (Shivaji Satham) moves back to his hometown of Mumbai , where he reconnects with his first love, Durgi (Neena Kulkarni). The pair quickly finds that the years have done little to diminish their feelings for each other. Director Bipin Nadkarni's tender romantic drama is based on Jaywant Dalvi's acclaimed play "Durgi."

Uttarayan is a highly captivating adaptation of Jaywant Dalvi's Marathi play, "Durgi" . Raghuveer , a widower in his 50s has come to live with his computer engineer son Sanjay . He meets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Uttarayan torrent reviews

RI K (br) wrote: Aweful..Thank god for fast forward option.

Don W (fr) wrote: This was appealing because of the cast; unfortunately, the names in the credits were the best part of the movie. *Everyone* except Mike Clarke Duncan were horribly mis-cast, then stumbled through a dreadful script as though they really could care less as to whether viewers actually enjoyed the movie. This movie's only saving grace was the stop button on the dvd player.

Krista K (gb) wrote: A young woman gets bitten by a female vampire and becomes one, while her sister tries to stop her from feeding on the populace of L.A.

Seher K (kr) wrote: a genuinely wonderful movie. a perfectly enacted film!! applaud!

Lina (jp) wrote: A simple plan. An instant fortune. Just add water...

Simon M (kr) wrote: Keaton does well but the movie is for the most part a TV movie of the week with some colourful language.

Hanson M (br) wrote: Good movie, Great action. Insane final fight scene

Grant H (us) wrote: Surprisingly bad - went into it with higher expectations (average).

Bruno Z (gb) wrote: This is a horror movie just by chance. It's simple and well written, the end isn't a surprise because it was faithful to the guidelines. In tradicional horror movies we are used to see an open and gutshot ending, but this isn't our tradicional piece. No depth but still positive.