Vaada Raha... I Promise

Vaada Raha... I Promise

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After receiving a generous grant from the American Medical Association to find a cure for cancer, Dr. Dyanesh Kripal Chawla, who always gives hope to his patients, proposes to his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Vaada Raha... I Promise torrent reviews

Mariah L (ca) wrote: Creative and clever theme. I just got confused throughout the movie yet I was never bored of it.

MARIJA D (au) wrote: i dont like weak characters choosing easy ways out... Deep topic

demi f (kr) wrote: I love it. fave dance movie!

Issac C (it) wrote: This first comes across as another sappy romance movie, but when you get more than 10 minutes into the movie, it becomes one of the most intriguing character based movies in a long time. This movie is a great heartfelt story with such likable characters and great emotional development. 5 stars for sure.

Tommy X (nl) wrote: I always loved chinese triad movies . This was just like infernal affairs and I loved that movie . Other than the confusing rushed ending everything else was good

Eve C (it) wrote: Trs bon film avec 3 super bonne actrices !

Sean P (ag) wrote: Great movie, but nothing will beat the original. Love to see Michael Douglas back at it, and LaBeouf does a great job taking the lead role. Overall, great movie that I've definitely seen more than once...

Shane H (br) wrote: Funny movie. I liked it.

Muffin M (br) wrote: An Arabian princess is kidnapped, and it's up to Chief Inspector Dreyfus to save her. Fortunately, there's no Clouseau around to plague him this time! But when a klutzy local cop with the unfortunate name of Jacques is assigned to help him, he manages to run Dreyfus over and blow him up - all on his first day on the job. Soon Dreyfus begins to fear that if Clouseau has a long lost son, he would be a lot like this!stars Roberto Benigni, Herbert Lom, Burt Kwouk, Claudia Cardinale, Shabana Azmi, Debrah Farentino, Jennifer Edwards, Robert Davi and Anton Rodgers.directed by Blake Edwards.

Carl M (au) wrote: as always a good comedy with Sid James.

M L (ca) wrote: This movie was a train wreck. It wasn't really a good movie but I couldn't stop watching.

Francisco S (ru) wrote: Very funny at some parts, for who already saw the Hunger Games's first movie, but poorly acted, predictable and with a lot of cliches that can make us bleed of despair. Weak argument, ridiculous narrative.