Vaayai Moodi Pesavum

Vaayai Moodi Pesavum

A mysterious illness declared as dumb flu spreads in a quaint hill station forcing the town's residents from speaking. Will the problems in the place increase due to this or will it lead to better communication?

What if an entire town stopped speaking? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephanie20 M (de) wrote: Omg, this was so great. I watched this like three times.

Jay B (de) wrote: I laughed quite a bit, but i really dig dark comedy. This movie certainly offers some WTF moments and it drags on toward the end, but if you are as twisted as I, you will find some bits to enjoy.

Doctor S (ru) wrote: As sterile a feel-good movie as you're likely to see. It's like Keith Richards trying to get high by eating Tic Tacs.

Bunta Y (jp) wrote: On the moral standard that this production was directly responsible for 3 Golden Retriever puppy deaths, due to the fact that they used underaged, unvaccinated puppies for the shoot.

bill s (fr) wrote: Great story concept they ripped off from Lucas and Jackson but wholly genetic.

Tim J (fr) wrote: Private is a poignant and provocative glimpse into the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. In a situation often steeped in the myth of redemptive violence, Mohammed leads his family with a firm nonviolent ethic. As the Israeli army takes up residence in his home, the members of Mohammed?s family are forced to decide whether they will adopt their father?s quiet strength or pursue a different path to justice. The filmmaker does an excellent job of spotlighting each family member?s response?the youngest daughter gives in to shock; the middle son and mother deeply desire escape; the oldest daughter and oldest son are convinced?at least initially?that violence can be quelled through active resistance. The story lines of these last two family members are the most interesting. In the beginning of Private, the oldest daughter is the quintessential violent rebel; she is ready to fight anyone at any turn to preserve her family?s rights. She sees the army men as nothing more than violent and evil minions?more animal than human. (This of course, is the mentality that allows for the continuing conflict in the Middle East.) Yet, after repeated trips up the stairs to hide in the closet, she begins to see these troops through a more nuanced lens. They are people--people with feelings, personalities, talents, senses of humor, etc. Ultimately one of the soldiers discovers her but does not turn her into the captain, and this completes the transformation?the soldiers are human in her eyes, and she is thereby swayed to her father?s perspective. The storyline of the oldest son leaves the viewer with a bit more mystery. After a near catastrophe (almost blowing up his father with the grenade), the filmmaker presents a very ambiguous scene. Did the son remove the grenade form the greenhouse or simply ensure its functionality? The viewer never finds out, as the movie closes with a new group of soldiers walking toward the greenhouse. Shock, escapism, nonviolence and resistance are the options presented to the viewer. Sadly, the message of the movie seems to be that it matters little which of these is chosen. Some situations are so infused with injustice that little can be done to rectify them.

Ari B (ag) wrote: A silly and fun sea adventure with a great cast and great dialogue. Sure it's cheesy now, but remember, this was the 90s

Lanky Man P (us) wrote: As a huge Mortal Kombat fan, I would have taken this film in a complete different direction to avoid the upset it's caused its fans.

pete 1 (ca) wrote: a very good action/comedy film,nice plot witha great 70s soundtrack, weird contrast seeing the 2 leads gibson's career & downey's now & then

Amanda S (it) wrote: it made me laugh because it was just so cheesy...

Luc L (nl) wrote: A fair comedy about Dracula adapting a lifestyle in New York.

Chanel M (de) wrote: Oh I simply loved this movie! It's charming, intriguing and with a great story line! I didn't even recognize Jack Nicholson when I saw him the first time. Barbara Streisand's voice sent chills down my spine and her acting was exemplary!!

Jimmy M (kr) wrote: 1960s melodrama. All but Beatty are pretty solid acting wise, a bit stagy and over the top.

Annine M (gb) wrote: I loved them as a child. Long time since I've seen any of them, should do it again I guess. It's a great story, dramatic and funny... has just everything!

Jonathan M (ca) wrote: This is definitely not for everyone. If you hate middle school humor, not for you.

Gabriel Z (au) wrote: This is intense and amazing documentary.