Filmmaker Todd Verow revisits his own youth for his latest work. The film's main character is Joe, who, like the director, grew up in Bangor in Maine. Joe, an 18 year old high school senior who longs to move away from poor white trash roots and this town, and dreams of attending art school, lives with his single mother and older sister Theresa on a notorious council estate called "Capehart Projects". Molested at the age of ten, Joe nevertheless decides to keep the incident to himself. He befriends an elderly disabled artist named Victor who hires him as houseboy/model. Joe moves in with Victor in his loft above the local opera house, hoping to escape Bangor with his help. He also works part time at a local market along with his sister, who wants to get out of town as much as he does. For most of high school, Joe has also had a crush on his best friend, Andrew, who plays on the high school football team.

Filmmaker Todd Verow revisits his own youth for his latest work. The film's main character is Joe, who, like the director, grew up in Bangor in Maine. Joe, an 18 year old high school senior... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karyna H (gb) wrote: I want to see the move so bad

Bryan M (mx) wrote: i always felt there was some kind of political undertones or social commentary underlying 'night of the living dead' but i was unable to put a finger on just what it was. this doc places george romero's low-budget horror flick that inspired countless zombie tales firmly in a historical context and explores impact the movie has in its own time and the decades since. romero is wonderfully candid and enjoyable. recommended for any fan of 'night of the living dead,' modern zombie movies (or tv), movie history, documentaries or behind-the-scenes featurettes.

Kevin K (de) wrote: first one is way better!!

Edward K (gb) wrote: Reviews from students in the after-school film club at the New York Tibetan Service Center:DB: "Flipped" was very interesting in the way that the director chose to narrate the movie. It was nice to know both sides of the story, both Bryce's and Julie's thoughts. In addition, it was cool how they combined an average middle- schooler's life with an exciting love story.Jewel: I thought that Bryce and Julie should have just kept a distance from each other! I do not really think Bryce's dad should have treated the Baker family wrongly. He was a judgmental hypocrite.Danbo: The movie "Flipped" is a good movie. It is wonderful how they show both points of view of the main characters, Julie and Bryce. Although some things are not explained, such as why Bryce's dad hated music, it was overall a satisfying movie. I like how the time of the movie was depicted, and it is a story that anyone can relate to.

Dan E (br) wrote: As creative as it is unenjoyable-- for better or worse.

Deb S (us) wrote: I love black comedies and in this one Joe Pesci plays a hit-man whose duffle bag gets accidentally switched with a young fellow named Charlie who's on vacation in Mexico to meet his future parents-in-law. Charlie makes the horrible discovery when he opens his bag to find 8 severed heads. He and his fianc Laurie (Kristy Swanson) desperately try to ditch the bag of heads in a nice, unassuming place, while Pesci roughly interrogates Charlie's pal Ernie (David Spade). Good for a few chuckles and David Spade provides some laughs during the scenes that he shares with Joe Pesci.

Leena L (de) wrote: One star for the setting and the other one for Antonio Banderas. But..... what a wasted opportunity. This could have been a great film if it was not a MUSICAL. WT...... and despite all the star phenomena qualities and marketing, Madonna just can not sing. I hated this in the movies back in 1996-97 and I truly hated it now. Why did I waste my afternoon??? A good quick history lesson but why make it a musical? WHY?

Ville P (au) wrote: Two young snobs (Jason Bateman and Henry Thomas) go working on oil rig for summer. They have some trouble, but Bo Landry (Michael Biehn) helps them. Soon there is murder and suspicion on hands. Michael Biehn plays excellently "friend" role, who has some skeletons hidden in the closet.

Byron B (mx) wrote: want to see this because it won best foreign-language film at the oscars and was nominated for best foreign film by NBR

Ross C (fr) wrote: A portrait of Enfield chavdom in 1990. Crazy, ugly, genius.

Mark B (ru) wrote: i enjoy this flick even though it lags at times and its much overlooked and panned by critics for being the movie kevin bacon did after footloose .. but it means well and has a wonderful cast

Mohamed F (ca) wrote: A movie about the world of making movies, what more could I say?!

Greg B (ru) wrote: A great film unjustly underrated, an American landmark. The 2nd phase in the gangster as a 3 dimensional character and also perhaps has the greatest ending of them all in the classic age of the gangster film. Cagney's performance is the performance of his career he never I feel reached the same level as an actor; he always played two extremes either a nice guy (Yankee Doodle Dandy) or a living Satan (White Heat). Rocky Sullivan is a perfect balance of showing both extreme sides in Cagney as an actor. Curtiz I would say never made a more beautifully shot film or had material of this quality ever again in his career. O'Brien as Father Jerry is the priest we would all want to confess to. Bogart knows how to make death look cheap.

Avery M (ca) wrote: It's like the movie tries to say something, then chickens out of doing so, and younger audiences who don't know who Jerry Seinfeld is aren't going to have a good time.

Sam D (mx) wrote: Dissapointng. Robert De Niro barely evokes as much fear as Boris Karloff did back in the 30s. Branagh also struggles to adapt Mary Shelley's Dr Frankenstein, making the film, more of a flop than I expected.

Logan M (us) wrote: I found myself amazed not only by the bias, bigoted, and ignorant agenda, but also the incompetent acting, screenwriting, and filmmaking. Heaven help us.

Brinn O (es) wrote: A solid creature feature. The direction is a little weak, and the plot is pretty unever and formulaic, but, the sureal atmosphere and the titular creature.. really makes it worth wild. Especially the last twenty minutes, where you get to see some monster action. The effects are actually quite great.

John B (jp) wrote: Not terribly exciting, but, interesting debate between the two of them.