Kamla lives a poor lifestyle in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, India, along with her widowed dad, Dinanath, who works as an Accountant with Sarpanch Journal, and two younger brothers, college-going Kumar, and school-going 12 year old brother, Kishore. Dinanath's main aim is to get Kamla married to her lover, wealthy Prem, and ensure that Kumar and Kishore get a proper college education. When Dinanath's eyesight becomes very weak, he starts making errors, and loses his job. He does manage to persuade his employer, Laxmidas, to hire Kumar once he gets his degree in Arts. On the day of the results, Kumar has an accident and passes away, a devastated Dinanath bangs his head, injures himself, is hospitalized, recovers but loses his vision completely. As a result, Kamla's wedding is canceled, Prem reluctantly gets married to Shyama; while Kamla gets a job and starts to look after her dad and Kishore.

Kamla lives a poor lifestyle in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, India, along with her widowed dad, Dinanath, who works as an Accountant with Sarpanch Journal, and two younger brothers, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Vachan torrent reviews

Joel C (kr) wrote: Don't fucking bother with this movie, it's boring plain and simple.

Jesse K (es) wrote: A not-so-gripping, yet somewhat informative look into modern Yakuza societies. The small clan featured in this documentary do not do anything illegal, but various traditions and their high regard for respect is portrayed quite well. Furthermore, you get a general idea of what life is like in a country where organized crime is somewhat legitimized and an accepted part of society...

Noname (nl) wrote: I have seen quite a few movies with similar story like this one. Many of them have been very good dramas and this new flick was a quite solid movie with the old but still a great actor Harrison Ford. His perfomance tho was in a lower level this time or well atleast his character in the story i guess. We have Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd also in decent roles. Story focus on immigrants from different countries and they have problems with legal status in LA which this story takes place at. People crossing borders illegaly have been a common story in many movies lately and this movie are up there with the good ones in this genre.

bill s (nl) wrote: My mom warned me about movies like this.....horrible confusing pieces of junk.

Carlos I (ru) wrote: Interesting take. Not all that much better than Exorcist: The Beginning, but it's fascinating to see how much different this movie was before the reshoots and new direction. It's a completely different movie.

Lance Y (it) wrote: Drew Carey should not have been allowed to sing in this one, but other than that it wasn't bad.

Bannister B (us) wrote: It's a monkey...on skates...awesome.

Edward C (jp) wrote: Far And Away(1992)Starring:Tom Cruise,Nicole Kidman,Thomas Green,Robert Prosely,Barbara Babook,Ellen Pollock, Collin Meaney,Michelle Johnson, and Douglas Gillso.Directed By:Ron HowardMy Review"All I know is that Joesph loves Shanon"This is one of the most interesting but boring movies I have ever seen which makes no sense at all but that's how I feel about this movie. Apparently after this movie was made Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman also got married. The movie is mostly about obtaining land and love that's all i got out of it.The film revolves around Joseph(Cruise)losing his father's land after his father's death and decides to set out to kill the landlord. But he fails. He meets Shanon(Kidman)a very modern type of women who wants to go to america and live a modern life. They fall for each other and both decide to get some free American land.The direction from Ron Howard is better then is films in modern time now, the sets are realistic and the atmosphere of the film really evokes the 19th century. The acting on the other hand is very disappointing which is sad cause you've got two of my favorite actors as the main stars Tom cruise is doing well with the Irish accent for the film, as for Kidman I couldn't stand to listen to her. The film as a whole is a love story set in immigration America had potential and is pretty to look at, but the tale is a bit alienating due to the poor performances from the lead actors. I give Far and Away a 2 1/2 out of 5.

Greg W (it) wrote: Awesome. The best teenaged monster movie ever made.

Matthew M (ca) wrote: Yes, I must be in a select minority of people who have seen "Yasmin", the film about a Islamic woman living in Scotland before and after the 9/11 attacks. It's portrayal of the hard life and racism encountered is second-to-none, but you can't help wondering: why, if this is the way Islamic people actually live, is a white person directing it? And, from that, stems certain Western ideas that creep into the narrative, and form elements that some may see as bordering on racism.

Logan M (jp) wrote: Another one of Disney's package films, this collection of musical shorts feels plain, uncouth, and haplessly under the studio's best work.

Kenneth B (it) wrote: Cor blimey guv'nor, this was a bit silly weren't it? Although I have to say Number Seventeen wasn't quite a poor as I was expecting. It is just a farce and Ben does get quite irritating quite quickly but at least Hitchcock was able to get his train set out for the final scenes.

Brian F (jp) wrote: NO CLOSED CAPTAIN THEN UNFAIR, I am deaf!

Mary A (au) wrote: Rebecca Hall is a terrible actress. Her voice, body language and facial expressions frustrated me. I think this movie could have been better if a young Cameron Diaz played that part or somebody of the like.

Bryan S (fr) wrote: Love this documentary! Bob Marley fans should be satisfied.

Christopher C (br) wrote: A nice little story that gives you a glimpse of what life is like after the movie. The song is fun but not the catchy song like Let It Go (maybe on purpose?). All the major characters make an appearance including the snow man. Overall a fun short film that makes you wish for another full length movie.