Satish (Jai), is a newly appointed medical representative, who is basically a family man, living with his brother an auto-rickshaw driver. Sathish is always embarrassed about his mobile phone, and much to his delight picks up a phone which is left carelessly by its owner at a tea shop. The mobile phone gets him into trouble and his carefree life with girlfriend Naveena (Swathi) turns upside down.

A young man gets into big trouble because of an iPhone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joachim H (ag) wrote: The end of the movie was sad because George Bush won after the whole movie was about getting people to vote for John Kerry but the final movie title said that next time the Democrats were going to win... and look, so it is today.

Joan V (ca) wrote: The 4 boys will charm you. Their performances seem very natural and fluid. It is a very touching story. I had a few laughs as well. Of course, I ended up crying, LOL! Family is so much more than a blood thing. DECEMBER BOYS!!! Ha! Vayan a verla. Esta en Fine Arts ahora mismo (Octubre)

John H (kr) wrote: A disappointing end to an amazing show. The show was entertaining, smart, and well animated. The movie just felt rushed. The plot was unoriginal and bland. The only thing worth watching about this movie is helga telling Arnold her love him. Other than that it was just a disappointing finale to one of the best animated kids shows. The rugrats movies were way better.

Ian B (fr) wrote: One of Clint Eastwood's best and most underrated westerns was also the first of his many trips to the director's chair in the genre. He's obviously paying homage to his films with Sergio Leone, as he somewhat resurrects the "man with no name" character...although this time there are some supernatural undertones that separate this from his many other westerns. The revenge story is a familiar one, but Eastwood directs and casts his westerns so perfectly that everything seems fresh. High Plains Drifter is one of Eastwood's darker and more violent efforts, and while it may not be as popular as his more epic westerns it's one of my personal favourites.

Jess B (ag) wrote: Favorite movie ever, This one or Schoolgirl Hitchhikers, either way, Jean Rollin's marvelous work :)

Anna B (ca) wrote: At first I thought the Italian-ness of it would be a problem for me, as I've often struggled with other Italian films of the era (why did they persist with that consistently awful dubbing? It's like nails on a chalkboard). But I was surprised at how much it sucked me in, and by the second act I was pretty thoroughly hooked. There are some extraordinary sequences (that denouement!), some wonderfully nuanced shifting alliances, and a languid pace that actually works to its advantage. Great stuff.

Jason G (ag) wrote: A cheap knockoff of something. Not the worst Asylum effort ever, but the acting and writing are too poor for this to be so heavyhearted.

Jacob D (us) wrote: Tarantino's First Masterpiece.

Olivier B (gb) wrote: Un rcit descriptif d'une dmarche artistique atypique bien livr et rvlateur. Captivant!

Jason C (au) wrote: Lousy. Hated every minute of this film. No redeeming features.

Lucy P (jp) wrote: Bizarre yet very watchable old school comedy. The plotting and lines are so sharp it makes you wonder why we don't make fluff this well-formed today.