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shishir a (kr) wrote: time pass movie, which I enjoyed....if SRK was in the movie, i would have given it a zero

Jamie S (it) wrote: It's a depressing embarrassment that a totalitarian system such as the one that exists in North Korea still exists today.

Adesh P (fr) wrote: I think its quite an underrated film and the best shaad ali has made so far. Lara dutta is surprisingly very funny and Bobby deol is fabulous. some very funny dialogues and very entertaining moments. I thought it was quite cool, I dont know though how uncool is it to call this movie so.

Loreno C (au) wrote: After reading the book "Grey souls" I would very much like to see the film. Its indeed a very sad story about, what else, grey souls. Against a background of World War I sounds, explosions and maimed soldiers, a very personal drama, mixing love and crime, unfolds in a small town close to the front lines...

Freya B (ag) wrote: Actors not suited to the roles. Screenplay dull and uninteresting. The character development lacks on every level and the story is not just not plausible nor engaging.

Katharine B (nl) wrote: The only reason to dislike or downrate this movie is plainly being disgusted by it. It's a thought-provoking, good drama (take this from someone who does not put those two words together often) with an exceptional wrench of an ending. It just happens to have a totally socially unacceptable theme. I'm not endorsing paedophilia (FAR from it!) but movies aren't real, nothing nasty even happens, and all this one does is ask the viewer where love ends. The difference between a story and propaganda is that a true story allows the viewer to decide what the answer to the central question is.

Joetaeb D (ag) wrote: The film does a good job at delivering it's promised chills, as well as an appropriately slow burn pace that takes it's time to tell the story.

Aldo S (fr) wrote: I hope this is not a movie about that asshole Mickey Christian. he sickens me.

Damo D (au) wrote: Could have cut down on the very long action sequences. The final battle should remain the length as it shows the strategy and thinking of all the warlords however - and is brilliantly done. I love Kurosawa films and maybe my standard has been set too high. I could not get involved with the characters as much as I'd hoped. There is great development of a few characters who weren't even part of the major plot - like the jester. Also loved the mention of the rabbit and the accompanying cloud at the start. I felt the ending was a non-event, maybe an attempt to crush Buddhism and all it's lies? (joke)

Chen G (fr) wrote: Goofy but overall a lot of fun.

Ted W (it) wrote: one of the most depraved movies I've ever seen, and that's part of its charm. There is something to offend everyone here and it is so obviously a product of the cinema of the early 1970's. I remember reading Time magazine's panning review of this movie as a child and thinking "I must see this movie." The oddest bit for me is seeing John Vernon involved in something like this.

William W (it) wrote: I like this movie, even though, it is an old movie. "Zack Bass', is actually based on a real person and the event is based on an actual event; just some Hollywood embellishing.

Lovro H (br) wrote: The Exorcist II: The Heretic continues a few years after the original and we follow Regan, the possessed girl from the first movie (even played by the same actress), as she still struggles to remember what happened all those years ago. I, honestly, have no idea what the plot is about apart from that. It's a very Incomprehensible movie which makes no sense whatsoever. The first 20 minutes were quite okay, actually, but the rest is just confusing and nonsensical. I cannot believe how they thought this was a good idea for a sequel. It's a completely dull, lifeless and boring movie which made me want to turn it off and just go to sleep. The effects aren't good, either. There's this locust that constantly appears in the movie and it's not even actually in the scene, it's a green screen locust that is put over some footage and it looks very ridiculous and bad. Not to mention the fact that this movie has almost more dream sequences than the real ones. To make it even worse, this movie is painful to even watch! The direction isn't bad, but our characters use this machine to connect their minds together (I have no idea if this is even possible), and this machine keeps flashing lights and it made me look away from the screen because of how bright it was and annoying. Not even the acting is any good. Richard Burton as the main priest character was awful. I've not seen his other movies, but here he is hilariously bad. There isn't even an exorcism in this movie, unless you count the ending one which I wouldn't really clasify as one. The soundtrack is good, at least. Which I didn't even doubt it would be since I saw it was composed by Ennio Morricone. All in all, there isn't really much to say about this movie except that it makes no sense and it's scary how dull and boring it is. I really would recommend skipping this sequel as the third one has no connection to this one whatsoever, but feels more like a sequel to the first one. Don't watch The Heretic.

Ben T (es) wrote: Yea it's stupid and cheesy but it has a decent story and has some good action sequences for a PG film. The child actors in this are actually pretty good as well.

Vadim D (it) wrote: I don't know why I watched it except for the fact it was on TV. Waste of time

Leonard E (fr) wrote: Luke Wilson is great as a leading man, I can't figure out why the critics always pan him. This was a good movie, but beware - it's rated R for all the reasons a movie can be rated R. If there's something that makes you uncomfortable, it's probably in this movie.