Vagabond Loafers

Vagabond Loafers

The stooges are the "Day and Night" plumbers. Called out to a fancy mansion where a society party is going on, they cross the electrical and water systems and generally ruin the place. Despite their incompetent plumbing, they save the day by recovering a painting stolen by a pair of thieves masquerading as party guests.

The stooges are the "Day and Night" plumbers. Called out to a fancy mansion where a society party is going on, they cross the electrical and water systems and generally ruin the place. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James P (ag) wrote: A deeper story line than the title suggests. See it for the acting and story. Don't let partisan politics get in the way of a good time.

Melanie D (fr) wrote: Somewhere in here there is a decent rom com screaming to get out, but it's just overwhelmingly corny and implausible.

Maymay A (it) wrote: Though the storyline isn't as brilliant as it tries to be, Fracture still is a disturbing yet engrossing puzzle we all try to solve side by side with Ryan Gosling's character. And whenever Anthony Hopkins portrays the role of an intelligent killer, the film works.

Jenn M (ag) wrote: It was sort of decent but let's be real here, Stewart has no emotion in any role and is quite possibly a cyborg. Scared, angry, sad, happy, all the same face! I have the same bitch face affliction but I know I can't be in movies lol.anyways, it gets a littke jumpy and then a bit weird and then it's done.

Line N (ru) wrote: En av de drligste skrekkfilmene jeg har sett. Anser meg selv som ganske lettskremt, men her skvatt jeg ikke en eneste gang. Drlige spesialeffekter. Til tider elendig skuespill. Kjedelig handling. Til tider ufrivillig komisk, men ikke nok til at den blir morsom se. Hadde egentlig lyst til droppe se resten da jeg hadde kommet midtveis, men holdt ut, noe jeg egentlig kunne spart meg for.

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: The Windmill Theater in London was infamous for shaking up that famous British stiff upper lip with their girly revues and bawdy shows, and that story is told here (however informed by Hollywood musicals). So the background story is laid out about a rich society widow sponsoring an showbiz venture, unusual in Britain upper circles, and the eventual success of that venture, but the real film lies in the re-creation of the stage shows put on in those years.The whole is not bad, yet lacking the bite the real story, a British story, of the impact, humanity and courage even prostitutes must've had during the wartime blitz. For a work purportedly celebrating those people, this film shies away from who those people were.

Michael P (mx) wrote: I work in theater part time and have been a Chris Guest fan since Spinal Tap. First of all, to theater people, this film is considered to be one of the funniest movies ever made. It is constantly quoted, mimicked, and I have even seen audition pieces for serious roles taken from this film. You do not have to work in theater for this movie to be funny, but if you do, you will most likely need an oxygen tank. The character base is strong, the plot itself is simple but effective for the story, and the ending is so bittersweet. I never get tired of watching it. While I like Best in Show and A Mighty Wind, (did not care for "For Your Consideration"), this is definitely the crme of the crop. I have even been to Lockhart Texas, where the town scenes were shot. It is considered the BBQ mecca of Texas and I have a BBQ food truck.

Andrew M (de) wrote: This movie never gets old. Love it everytime

Kevin N (it) wrote: A shallow dive into the struggle of a WWII veteran after the end of the war. With such a wonderful cast- Holden, Bendix, and a surprise appearance by personal favorite Jerry Paris- I expected some real personality behind the film, but instead the actors went about their duties with a kind of dull adequacy, never giving the story the unique flavor it needed. Without any stand-out performances or sporadicness, this deja vu redemption story was and is nothing new; instead, it stands as a luke-warm salute to veterans of the war and a rather bland entry into William Holden's Paramount career.

Andrew K (jp) wrote: Not even the Rock, Karl Urban and a single long first person perspective action sequence can save this weak attempt to do a video game to screen adaptation right.

Per H (mx) wrote: Lgbudget skrckfilm om en tjej som kr ver en kille och sticker och sklart s kommer han tillbaka fr att hmnas. Just handlingen r inget unikt men det r sjlva utfrandet som r bra, snygga kameravinklar, hftig klippning och riktigt schysst musik. Skdespelarna hller vanlig skrckfilms klass och inget mer.

Daryl T (us) wrote: Bad acting, unbelievable scenario and poor execution of what could have been a good movie

Shannen B (ca) wrote: Horrible....the only word to describe it. The books were amazing....this is a piece of crap

Mark R (kr) wrote: All star cast, making an all star movie what's not to like

Leonardo Malacay S (de) wrote: No es la mejor comedia de la vida pero esta entretenida, ser feliz es lo importante.

Don M (jp) wrote: Great film can't wait for the reboot