Vai alla grande

Vai alla grande


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Vai alla grande torrent reviews

Scott H (ca) wrote: While it features great performances from David Oyelowo and, especially, Rosemund Pike, it never seems to fully develop, display and make the audience feel the weight of the political situation. The romance seems rushed early on. It effectively establishes a number of villains, but it could have done better at building the tension of scenes involving them, as well as the scenes involving major plot developments. Never boring, but not as good as it could've been.

Juuso L (mx) wrote: To like or not to like: that's mostly a question of attitude. Compared with some other Van Damme-films in the 2000's, (Wake Of Death, Until Death, JCVD) this is just so mediocre. Boring story and bag full of cliches delivered uninterestengly. Best thing in this film is of course Van Damme, but Vivica A. Fox isn't bad either. Unfortunately everything else is just... so bad. Bad enough to be good? Well, that's up to you. Might have some camp value, but you have been warned.

Niloo R (mx) wrote: i used to love this movie when i was younger. watching it now, i can see that it definitely is flawed in many ways, but still holds up rather well as a feel-good rom-com with an interesting premise (for it's time). yes, it's simplistic, and cliched in many ways, but there are some good laughs, and sandra bullock is likeable enough as the tough-cop turned beauty queen. what bothers me A LOT about this film is her romance with benjamin bratt - first of all - was there no one more attractive to do this role? benjamin bratt is not leading-man material, and as this is a cookie-cutter romance without much character development or nuanced performance, appearances matter! i would be able to get past this if it wasn't for miss congeniality 2 - having bratt dump bullock in the first scene of that film completely undermines the entire premise and payoff of this film. this is a sad example of the consequences of a bad sequel - not only did that film fail completely on it's own, but it actually devalued this film and made it worse.

Amber T (it) wrote: Kiefer is great! The rest of the actors less than thrilling. the ending makes up for the acting! Great ending you really don't see coming! Worth watching!

Geoff A (mx) wrote: A very powerful and moving film. One I could watch over again.

Karim W (jp) wrote: Perhaps the only Indian movie that tries to portray the 1857 Uprising realistically. Nafisa Ali doesn't say much but is mesmerizing nevertheless.

Robert D (gb) wrote: a great story about hipacritics! (sorry for the spelling error.)

Muffin M (fr) wrote: I have this in a 5 movie pack with: * Messenger Of Death * The Mechanic (1972) * 10 To Midnight * Murphy's Law (1986)

Blake C (kr) wrote: There are many different types of humor. In this case, awkward humor is the best humor. This movie has made some of the most famous movie quotes ever, and Napoleon Dynamite has definitely made a mark in the film industry.

(jp) wrote: An early film made exactly 40 years ago by prodigious and prolific Steven Spielberg. The young and talented Goldie Hawn delights us no end in this comedy that ended tragically. It is a true story. In the sprit of 'Smoky and the bandit', we are entertained by the crazy gun loving trigger happy midwestern culture and the over the top police force for mobilizing 100s of police cars and gun men in pursuit of a couple who just wanted to get to their baby. Goldie Hawn and William Atherton held hostage a young police officer, Michael Sacks and stole his police car. The film is mostly about the wild adventures of them racing across the country towards their destination Sugarland where the baby is cared by foster parents. By the end of the long chase, the hostage police officer experienced Stockholm syndrome and became sympathetic towards the hostage takers' plight and bonded with them during the long chase that ended an ambush. Poor William was shot dead. Goldie didn't get her baby and was devastated. Officer Michael Sacks grieved for his new found friends.

Andrey B (ag) wrote: Good story with colorful performances especially of G. Robinson's. Nicely staged scenes and dialogues.