Vai avanti tu che mi vien da ridere

Vai avanti tu che mi vien da ridere

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Vai avanti tu che mi vien da ridere torrent reviews

Kaylin C (br) wrote: The film shares a quiet sense of humor about self-absorbed lifestyle of its main characters, offering a rich performance from Patricia Clarkson. Questions of class-vs-humanity and wealth-vs-worth are straddled both delicately and blatantly, illuminating both selfish and generous motives in all of the characters.

Jacky L (br) wrote: i dunno, kathleen turner's voice really grated throughout. this was quite blah, typical / expected but there are worse too.

Allen R (au) wrote: now this is just stupid - 3.5/10

Anton B (de) wrote: The sleep of liberation made us monsters.

Jason A (nl) wrote: Absolutely one of the best mockumentaries ever made. Period. Mail Order Wife starts out with a bang, and a large part of that is due to the over-the-top performance by Adrien Martinez, who plays a man who is in the process of bringing an Asian woman named Lychee to the states to marry him. Lynchee soons finds that she's in for less of a taste of the American dream, and instead finds herself practically Adrian's slave. Despite the film slowing down a bit towards the end, it's still an enjoyable, twisted dark comedy. And Jose Canseco freakin' rules!

Sancar S (gb) wrote: Maria Beatty's one of interesting works.

Matthew A (jp) wrote: Nostalgia, but it really isn't good

Megan M (br) wrote: Love it! Such a compelling story! And the song is my favorite song ever so that's a plus!

Ralph R (jp) wrote: I've got a BFG called Teddy Rumpskin that pukes out butterball turkeys in my bedroom.

Ian C (it) wrote: From 1986 to 1991 Oliver Stone was untouchable. This gem was sandwiched in between and loosely based on the death or Radio DJ Alan Berg. Eric Bogosian is superb as the mother mouth disc jockey.

Maarrk H (us) wrote: In Godard's words, ??The problem is not to make political films but to make films politically.?? 'Tout a bien' is one of those all-too-rare surprises, where form and style collide with purpose and make sparks. Fonda's not much of an actress (somehow here, she's better speaking French than when acting in English), but the scenes are carried off with such pacing and skill they'd make both Bazin and Brecht incredibly happy.

Orlok W (fr) wrote: Orson Welles takes on a pulp-noir novel and, at the least, makes it his own--"Shanghai" secrets: Mysteries wrapped in enigma!!

Carlos Z (ru) wrote: Enjoyable inspirational movie.