Vaikai is Amerikos viesbucio

Vaikai is Amerikos viesbucio


Kaunas, Lithuania, 1972... Young people are sitting in the Hotel "America" basement and listen to Western Radio. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jedi K (jp) wrote: I wished that they had focused more on the message that you can be a Brony, AND still be normal.

Mary Ann A (fr) wrote: Oh My God! Was such a great movie. My dad was a big Beatles fan and I grew up on their music. ATJ played Lennon very well. This movie is a must see.

Michaela T (ca) wrote: I haven't seen this movie but the story but sounds like the 2004 Korean movie Uri hyeong (My Brother).

Kris I (kr) wrote: It may be a story about the hardships of (a) friendship, but it seems to tell us a lot about our daily desperate tries to adapt to society, our personal quests and fears. A few lines, especially the discussion at the table in the cottage should express bitter and rather explicit criticism of the flaws of Norwegian state.Remaining quite moving throughout its length, the film has much to recommend it.

Charlie G (ru) wrote: Funny and entertaining

Patrick M (jp) wrote: This was a really complicated mystery, filled with irony and suspense. Essentially it's two plots colliding. While not one of Hitchcock's best movies, this was pretty darn good. The dialogue is witty and the characters and their relationships are pretty good. I really liked the performance from Bruce Dern. This also had pretty strong direction. Many of Hitchcock's classic elements are here, including the creative and inventive camerawork. Certainly worth a watch. It's Hitchcock's last film, so just for that, but it's also quite a good movie.

Augustine H (ru) wrote: Like his fellow countrymen De Sica and Pasolini, Fellini shows his sympathy towards the devastated Italians by crafting the lives of a bunch swindlers without much criticisms of their deeds. Broderick Crawford is amazing in portraying this pitiful villain.

Nate S (kr) wrote: Linda Hamilton has fallen a long way to end up in this crap. She's the best thing in it, and all she does is look (not quite) horrified at a camera in front of a green screen. "Woeful" is understating how bad this movie is.

Elena S (au) wrote: Pretty good but what the hell it is in that cassette, why dont shown it up

Tim B (au) wrote: Reminds me of the games. Fun movie

Michael B (ag) wrote: What an awesome movie what a testimony

Brendan R (it) wrote: The movie is a little long and drags at moments, but otherwise it is very enjoyable. I thought the filmmakers did well at choosing moments to use montages vs. when to let the story tell itself.