Vale a Pena Sonhar

Vale a Pena Sonhar

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Lee M (ca) wrote: Frantic and flagrantly formulaic, this forced farce about a sham engagement sacrifices plot credibility and character motivation for stale humor and cheap setups.

Shayne J (nl) wrote: The cat is back and he is going to give you a massive heart attack. Rob Schneider provides an absolutely terrible voice for this butchering of a classic cartoon.

Whitney P (kr) wrote: Such a good movie, loved it

amy m (es) wrote: tom selleck. i sick

Sam M (au) wrote: Among the finest of, perhaps, black comedy; this kind of film does not come several times in a lifetime.

Muffin M (au) wrote: Coming soon to my DVD collection...

Daryl K (it) wrote: Silly, sappy premise actually allows Ginger Rogers one of her better comedic roles. Her pairing with the foppish David Niven seems like an odd mismatch, but it works here.

Jack G (es) wrote: funny, but not as good as Meet The Parents

Carlos M (kr) wrote: A fascinating period drama that will probably please everyone (and find few detractors), with great dialogue and exquisite performances by Firth and Rush, who shine in their scenes together and sell us the natural relationship that grows between the two characters.

Bill N (gb) wrote: Pure 80s sci-fi low budget cheese. This played daily on HBO when i was a kid. Co-starring an incredibly adorable pre oscar winning Helen Hunt. A highly recommended guilty pleasure of mine.