• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1964
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Valiente torrent reviews

Kevin R (ca) wrote: I'm the beast!A group of students at Monster High decide to head to an island together where one of their parents reside; but when they arrive there, its haunted by a secret ghost that wants to take it over. The monster starts picking off the students and they will need to track down the ghoul responsible and protect each other."Cheap carnival prizes don't win themselves."Steve Ball (director of episodes of Beast Wars and Storm Hawks) and Andrew Hawkins (Monster High movies 13 Wishes and City of Frights) collaborate to deliver Monster High: Escape from Skull Shore. The storyline for this picture was very mediocre and kind of disappointing. The animation style was okay but not outstanding and the dialogue was just okay."Whales go to the bathroom in here."I had never seen any of these movies so my daughter and I grabbed this off Netflix. I had seen the shirts at Target and Walmart and thought it would be interesting to see what this series is about. Unfortunately, this is nothing special and reminded me a little of Sabrina the Witch. I would only recommend this film if your child is a fan of the show."Cell phones don't work on this island."Grade: D+/C-

Steve J (mx) wrote: Endlessly fascinating. Brave, brilliant & determined filmmaking. Russia - what a country!!

Stephen E (fr) wrote: "Saint John of Las Vegas" has a lot of big names attached to it: Steve Buscemi, Romany Malco, Sarah Silverman, Peter Dinklage, Tim Blake Nelson, John Cho, Spike Lee, Stanley Tucci, Danny Trejo and Emmanuelle Chriqui. What did they see in this film? There is absolutely nothing about it that deserves attention. It is unfunny, incoherent, and poorly written, directed, and edited. The word 'forgettable' has never suited a film better than "Saint John of Las Vegas." It amazes me how this didn't go straight-to-DVD.

Sara S (es) wrote: I think the beginning of this was designed to cause seizures. Then it got an interesting kind of weird, but was pretty uncomfortable. Like Eraserhead, sort of.

Remote G (mx) wrote: by Leon Conrad for remotegoat on 02/04/08 This film could be called a coming of age drama except for the fact that the main character talented student and step dancer Raya (Rutina Wesley) has already come of age. She starts off mature, sorted and together, facing the challenge of having to get a scolarship to go back to the posh boarding school she had to leave when her sister died. Predictably, she ends up with the best available opportunities of both the worlds she inhabits within easy reach. At first the story seems to be loosely patched together in a step dance sandwich - too much lettuce and not enough beef. Once you get into it, though, you notice that much of the interest lies in some subtle seasoning. Sub-characters like Quake (Brennan Gademans) or David Green (Conrad Coates), determined to overcome their internal battles, battle to see a 'bigger picture'. They carry the film forward on an emotional beat which sustains the drama between the impressive step dance routines. While this is more of an extended music video with surrounding plot, nevertheless, it's something to lift the spirits a bit. You'll either come out of the cinema and feel like jumping over lampposts and doing a step dance routine on the roofs of the cars parked nearby, or you'll end up wondering, as I did, about the views of the team behind the film on some of the deeper social issues that were somewhat stepped over in the film.

Aaron H (nl) wrote: clone of Major League movie, but then major league takes the japan part in the second. still not as good as major league

Scott W (es) wrote: Forgotten gem of the 90's. A slow burn thriller but takes it's time with well developed characters. The violence is especially notable here as it's not flashy or sustained, quick and brutal. Seek this one out.

John A (br) wrote: An Excellently Made Spaghetti Western. Django Is Known As One Of The Genre's Best Films After Leone's Dollars Trilogy. The Film Is Not Only Notable For Its Artistry Of It's Construction, But Also For It's Strong Political & Racial Overtones. The Film Is Also Noted For The Number Of Unofficial Sequels, So This Works. Django Only Had One Official Sequel, That Was Django Strikes Again (1987), Where The Style Is Totally Different Again. This Is High Up On My List Of Best Western's ever made

Mitchell B (es) wrote: Character motivation and justifiable actions are big for me. If characters don't act as a normal human being would to a given situation then I have a hard time empathising with them. And in this every single character acts like an insane person. Not one thing rings true. Every action seems to be designed to happen purely to live up to the threadbare plot of the fairytale.Result = terrible.

Mike K (ca) wrote: Not perfect, but better than a bunch of flicks that got better ratings. Guess this one didn't pay enough. Over the edge a bit, but an interesting work that moved well right to the end. Could have cut the snarly crying mommy scene. Saw this after billy bob in grizzley monster movie. Probably helped me like J. D. , V. !after watching such a piece of bear crap. I bet billy bob cost more than this whole movie. Way to go there, billy bob boyo.

Daniel K (us) wrote: Enjoyably terrible. But still terrible.