Valley of Angels

Valley of Angels

A young man sells drugs to rich kids, but finding love gives him reason to leave the gritty life; the gritty life has trouble letting go.

West Los Angeles - home of the young, rich and hip. It is also home to twenty-five year old Zachary "Zeus" Andrews. Transplanted from Chicago as a kid, Zeus never fit into the hip LA ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn E (br) wrote: The C-Span footage of Bill Clinton whole-heartedly endorsing Communist China's entry into WTO and of Tom DeLay and Dennis Hassert cracking open a giant fortune cookie are damning evidence that both parties have failed the American nation. GM, Apple, Wal-Mart and Boeing are locating more and more operations in China, who will eventually copy the technology and dump their toxic products onto our shores.The film's detractors here are pretty pathetic considering the situation we're in. The film's only failing was not mentioning the free-trade think tanks and Beijing shills like John Stossel who have been running cover for globalism for thirty years. Agit-prop? Demonization? The interview subjects who survived years of forced labor and torture at the hands of Communist China are hardly propagandists. How will the entire free-trade intellectual movement be remembered in the history books? Think German-American Bund.We can be much more specific when writing our representatives:HR639 Currency Reform for Fair Trade has 234 co-sponsors and the establishment GOP led by RINO Boehner is keeping it bottled up in committee. The Honorable Speaker has even called the bill dangerous. For whom? The crony corporations who have given away all our technology to the People's Liberation Army?And a final note: Don't buy tilapia from China. Don't ask...

Pourya E (us) wrote: I just finished my BA-thesis written on Shaun Tan's "Tale From Outer Suburbia" and celebrated by giving his Oscar winning "The Lost Thing" a first viewing. Needless to say this excellently animated short film, based on the picture book by the same name, manges to fully feature the poetic philosophy, the social dichotomy and narrative complexity that often get reflected in Tan's work. This is an opus by a creative genius!

Jeffrey J (nl) wrote: Nominated for Best Foreign film.

Meghal P (jp) wrote: This is what you get when scriptwriter's DVD for Australian tourism gets mixed up with DVDs of Matrix/Star Wars/Star Trek/Fifth Element/Back to the Future.Simply awful!!!!

ben b (au) wrote: altough the goths and the make up tend to put the odd few off its still kinda funny

Sanjay S (ru) wrote: This was one of the most graphic and ultra-violent movies made. It was never to be taken seriously (a hand gun shooting 50-60 rounds without reloading?). But I enjoyed every minute of it. The action was well choreographed and can be enjoyed again and again. This movie and a few others (A Bullet In The Head, A Better Tomorrow & The Killer) put Chow Yun Fat & John Woo on Hollywood's radar.

Noname (us) wrote: I thought this movie was quite okey and i know many dont like it to much. Its no masterpiece just a simple epic storyline about vikings plundering and killing in america. Not many famous faces except Karl Urban from (Riddick , LOTR). Overall a fair movie..

nicole l (au) wrote: Named my kid after the movie

Edgar C (ag) wrote: Isn't the drill scene delicious? Ah, well, this is the first time that Fulci ever tripped over with his "campiness", but it is still remarkable, dark-as-hell horror in its purest form possible, and for that, it deserves full credit eternally.97/100

Ca B (fr) wrote: Pretty decent film. I would never have guessed it was the same director as Switchblade Sisters. It's quite artistic, pretty good acting, decent story, even if not the most original but it was kinda too long. And I definitely agree that its better than the Fast and the Furious!

Tim S (ru) wrote: While I still feel that The Lady Vanishes is my favorite Alfred Hitchcock films, I don't discredit something like The Man Who Knew Too Much. I haven't seen the American remake that Hitchcock did many years later with James Stewart and Doris Day, but this is a wonderful film, and what seems to be the real beginning of how he makes films. The film is also notable as being one of the first English-language films starring Peter Lorre, who spoke no English but learned his lines phonetically. The film may not be perfect. It may not be well-drawn out or have characters that we care about as much as we'd like, but it's still a great blueprint for what's to come with Hitchcock's career, specifically The 39 Steps, the remake and North by Northwest.

aaron w (kr) wrote: This...beat Goodfellas. Let that sink in

Emily A (ru) wrote: Restores (a bit) of faith in Diablo Cody, and the self-critiquing way in which this was written by her is pretty hilarious and kind of admirable. Charlize Theron is great and really gets the balance between being funny while also showing the hypocrisy of the character that's ultimately based on deep insecurity. Patton Oswalt does quite well too. Mostly it is a fascinating and sad character study that I really liked.

Eduardo B (br) wrote: It's packed with interesting ideas, graphically well-done. It explores duality of what was going on at the time, the conflicts of feminism, sexual liberation, etc. Great concepts, great acting, but very predictable.

David D (kr) wrote: Un film qui a mai vieiili. Les scnes d'actions sont confuses. Les personnages sont trop caricaturaux.