Valley of the Dolls

Valley of the Dolls

Film version of Jacqueline Susann's best-selling novel chronicling the rise and fall of three young ladies in show business.

Film version of Jacqueline Susann's best-selling novel chronicling the rise and fall of three young ladies in show business. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Valley of the Dolls torrent reviews

Nicolas B (es) wrote: If I had to describe this movie with one word: Warm.

Joshua J (ca) wrote: I can appreciate the thought process behind the movie, and the artistic way in which this "short" story is told, hence the 7 stars. However, I'm not ashamed to admit that apart from that, I didn't really get this movie. It was drab at times, and I found myself skipping ahead a few times. Some of the plot points were puzzling at time, and took some assuming on my part to fill up the holes. I can't imagine the reaction of the people at the first screening. Watch if you have nothing better to do. 7/10P.S. I think we can all relate to the grandmother scene.

Dot L (au) wrote: This is a gem of an independent film.

Jenn T (au) wrote: Low budget western...

Galen S (de) wrote: surprisingly good, i liked half the performers and i generally dont like rap/hip hop. dave has good taste in music.

Robert H (ca) wrote: I am perplexed that Robert Hiltzik made one phenomenal movie and and one terrible one. Almost everything that made Sleepaway Camp great is missing in Return. They worked on this movie for years and the majority of it is just sad hackery.

Sancar S (nl) wrote: Long walk in the field of your own deserted path.

Sandra A (es) wrote: A comic drama with two superb leading actors...Sometimes funny, sometimes sad without being never vulgar due to its complex theme.

David H (de) wrote: This was a better story than I imagined. The movie is kind of slow at various points, but worth the effort. This is the story of a young man named Bobby who is played by Christian Bale. When Bobby's mother dies he runs away from home to get away from his evil stepfather. The stepfather killed his pet mouse. This shows you how evil he is. After Bobby leaves home he hitches a few rides, until he meets an old man whose name is Mr. Summers. Bobby and Mr. Summers take care of animals who are hit by passing cars and trucks. They give them a proper burial. The two become friends. The movie is based on the novel by Walker Hamilton. It passed the "Anne" test so that tells you it is a pretty good story. The moral of the story is a little off kilter though. It's wrong to kill animals, but okay to kill humans if they are really evil. Bale's performance as Bobby is incredible.

Joona L (jp) wrote: Fantastic..... Love it.

Alex K (mx) wrote: My Animated Film Is 1940's Fantasia.

Timothy J (us) wrote: Very light fare. Harmless and mindless entertainment. Some if the gags are funny.

Michael W (br) wrote: Possibly the last Halloween Bash at this University, as students infected by a lab monkey sour the proceedings. Bo Svenson may be miscast as an elite researcher, especially with that pony tail.

Roy C (nl) wrote: Breasts, strip bowling, and magnetic outfits.

Paul C (ag) wrote: Fun and worthwhile remake of the 1971 classic. Crispin Glover and R. Lee Ermey's scene-chewing performances make this worth watching. The movie is actually enhanced if you are familiar w/ the 1971 original and its bizarre sequel "Ben". Some fun and unusual "cameos" add to the enjoyment. When you are done, be sure to watch the music video (yes) directed by Crispin Glover.

Conner R (fr) wrote: In my opinion, this sequel to The Big Gundown is a lot better than its predecessor. Not only does this feature more of the Italian superstar known as Tomas Milian, it has a better thought out plot and set of characters. It also has no problem being completely trashy; such as the mudfight between two bombshells. It has a lot more heart than it needs to, but also delivers on the violence and gore expected of a Spaghetti Western. A really like the whole Mexican Revolution involvement in this, it sort've just plays in the background as a frame of reference.

Asif K (nl) wrote: John Cassavetes style is really good :)

Lori B (jp) wrote: What? What's up with the terrible ratings? If you've never worked as a server or in the food industry, you're likely to miss the hilarious portrayal of the characters. This is one of my favorite movies, I had never heard of Ryan Reynolds before this, and am very surprised it took so long for him to make it where he is today.Cheesy acting, but the stereotypes are dead on, from the lady that complains at the table, down to the self important restaurant manager.5 stars from me.

Faris S (it) wrote: This film had a decent enough plot and an okay cast but a pretty terrible director. The story was decent, a mother disappearing, daughter suspicious etc. Christopher Meloni wasn't perfect for the role, whereas Woodley is good but Eva Green is phenomenal. Anti-climatic ending, could've been good but director slumps it with a VoiceOver explanation of what happened. Questionable ending but characters stay true to themselves, like (SPOILER) Eve laughing until her death. With another director this film could be critically acclaimed.

Karina M (it) wrote: Sweet little character study set in the gorgeous PNW. Clever and witty script and great acting make this a perfect flick to see with your BFF.