Valsa Para Bruno Stein

Valsa Para Bruno Stein

A poetic film about the relationship of three generations that share the same house and the re-find of love between a man and a woman that didn't believe in a new love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Valsa Para Bruno Stein torrent reviews

Christine T (nl) wrote: Brilliant, touched me profoundly, something american cinema aspires to do I guess, but never like this. Beautiful!!!!!!

Raphael B (es) wrote: how can I watch this movie free

Wrik S (ca) wrote: Perhaps the only movie which did not fall through as much, coming from Bhandarkar's hard-hitting stories previously..

Ash M (ag) wrote: This movie is absolutely hilarious and also heart warming!

Brian M (nl) wrote: Despite the story deviations, it's the closet in tone to the original Grimm Brothers' story. Sigourney Weaver is excellent as the queen, and the story is well handled. I only wished they'd developed Lilli Hoffman's character more, and explained her relationship with the miner better. Other than that, a good film.

bill s (mx) wrote: Woman seem to like this little character comedy more then men and that's the case with me also.

Matthew M (br) wrote: An interesting film, in that Freaked nearly numbs viewers' minds with B-movie effects, dated jokes, and gross-out humor; then, stimulates them with clever jabs at the excess of its time. Just when it seems that Freaked is the worst movie you have ever seen, subtle social commentary keeps you invested. Freaked is worth a viewing?as long as you don't take this one at face value.

Dan A (gb) wrote: Disgusting and demented. Love it!!

Tatsuhito K (nl) wrote: This is a very well-made film and probably Darren Aronofsky's most emotionally engaging and humane film to date. Throughout the film, I found myself often cheering for the protagonist even though he is a fuck-up and sometimes reckless. But I think those characteristics are the reasons why this film resonated with me more than I expected it to; this is a film about a deeply flawed person doing the one thing he is good at. He doesn't care what people around him think of him, he does it for himself because wrestling is his life. The film is very sympathetic toward him and I like that about it. Mickey Rourke gives the career-best performance. He made me care deeply about his character, a character who could've been portrayed as a selfish, stubborn guy with no redeeming quality. There is so much humanity and truth to his performance. Darren Aronofsky did a magnificent job directing this film. Never thought that he is capable of making a film that is touching, poignant, and emotionally rewarding. It's great.

Marco F (it) wrote: You know- if people started telling Ashton Kutcher, Tara Reid and a number of other people that they have no career in movies, then they have done the general public a considerable service. MY BOSS'S DAUGHTER is a shockingly bad film- inept, anti-Semetic, muddled, and a total insult to the intelligence. The acting is atrocious by almost everyone in this movie- but that's director David Zucker's fault. He was one of the directors of AIRPLANE! But here, he has a train-wreck of a script, bad main actors (Kutcher and Reid), totally unconvincing situations and offensive jokes that made me feel unclean. Thankfully, this movie has more or less been forgotten- that's what deserves.

Bruce H (ca) wrote: Funny and well-acted. And Marisa Tomei can DANCE!

Mira A (jp) wrote: we're there once in a while... Hayek did a marvellous acting