Vamp U

Vamp U

Wayne Gretzky (no relation) is a vampire who can't grow his teeth. His impotence began when he inadvertently killed Mary Lipinsky, the love of his life, 300 years ago. To take his mind off ...

Wayne Gretzky (no relation) is a vampire who can';t grow his teeth. His impotence began when he inadvertently killed Mary Lipinsky, the love of his life, 300 years ago. To take his mind off the pain, he teaches college history - who better? Attempting to regain his full power, he enlists help from his friend and colleague, Dr. Levine (Gary Cole). Nothing works until a new semester brings freshman Chris Keller. She';s a dead ringer for Mary and they have a lurid affair, while rumors fly around the campus. But it all sours when he turns Chris into a vampire and her newfound bloodlust spins out of control in a bloody rampage, making the rumors a little too real. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Khurram R (ag) wrote: Best sniper movie to watch...

Peter T (it) wrote: pretty predictable ./

Charlie R (es) wrote: Decent could've been a lot better if bullies weren't in it this would be awful but since they are there I'll be generous C+

Steven C (de) wrote: Amazing film about a topic I didn't even know about before watching it.

B C (us) wrote: What a great film to kill a rainy friday night. A young Javier bardem stars in this dramatic movie full of tension and deception. Three friends tired and looking for a quick way to make some cash as thieves let the seducing Javier Bardem to become the long lost son of a famous and wealthy Argentinan actor. The real son is one Javier's friend and one of the three thieves. You can see a young Bardem come to life and show signs of an actor on the rise. I saw this movie from an old beat up VHS copy and eventhough it was such a horrible quality of a copy it was worth the watch. The film isn't predictable, the acting was great, the story was pretty insane. As I watched the movie I started getting mad at the real son and wondered what I would feel if that happened to me. I recommend this flick to anyone, you won't be bored! Favorite Scene: Javier's contact falls out just as he is about to befreind the Father.

Guilherme V (fr) wrote: VERY AWSOME I CANT WAIT TO WATCH 3 AND 4!!!

andrew m (us) wrote: 5 stars for Chains of Gold? Well, for one Bernie Casey's in it. You got a problem with that? Shut the fuck up a-hole.

Lindsay G (gb) wrote: i love love love this movie and no one has ever seen it! grr....

ronja B (au) wrote: Samuel Jackson is a great actor, and this shows in this incredible movie!

bastet 0 (nl) wrote: Mickey Rourke is my recently discovered 80s actor obsession.

Alex M (ca) wrote: Hilarity and wit in every scene and you can't help but love the intellectually daft conversations the characters have about God and life itself.

Brenda M (es) wrote: not bad for a gangster flick

Janne K (ca) wrote: Uusintakatselu, eik harmita yhtn! Lajissaan (=roskaelokuva) orgastisen hykerryttv setti. Natseja, ihmissyjmunkkeja, zombeja, ninjoja, T&A:a, discoa: you name it and'll like it! Loppupuoliskolla homma hieman herpaantuu vlimallin kung fu:ksi, mutta silti tm on kerrassaan upea sillisalaatti. Elokuva lytyy Google Movies -galleriasta ilmaiseksi, katsokaa sielt, dvd-julkaisua odotellessa...

Sarah M (it) wrote: Such a rubbish film, terrible plot, awful clunky script and dull "action" scenes. Don't waste your time with this one, life's too short!

Anna B (it) wrote: I was only interested in seeing this film because of Tom Hiddleston. He delivered a brilliant performance and Rachel Weisz was remarkable, too. However, this film is very somber, but depicts a realistic view of romance and demonstrates that not every relationship ends up being a "happily ever after".

Peter P (it) wrote: I loved this movie when I was younger, and liked it now that I haveseen it again. Back then I thought Nicolas Cage's character was socool, now he is still kinda cool but man is there way too muchoveracting from Cage and pretty much everybody else, well except forSean Young, who kinda doesn't act, she is just there, like a cardboardcut out of her with a tape player saying her lines would have be justas real, maybe even better. Thankfully Tommy Lee Jones is great, and Ihave used the Full Tilt Boogie line a bunch of times. So, decent movie,cool helicopters and Tommy Lee Jones is just too awesome for his own good.2.5 Beards Out Of 5

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