Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

High school student Mizushima receives Valentines Day chocolates from the new student, Monami. Little did she know that the chocolates contained traces of Monami's vampire blood. He gets infected from eating them and Monami confesses that she wants to live with him forever as vampires. Meanwhile, Mizushima decides that he wants to fully become a vampire with Monami's help. Keiko, Mizushima's girl friend, sees the two on the school rooftop kissing and in a state of hysteria, attempts to throw Monami off the roof but falls off herself instead. Keiko dies but her father, Kenji Furano, the mad scientist, resurrects her as Franken girl. Thus begins a deadly combat between Franken Keiko and Vampire Monami in the name of love.

Transfer student Monami has a secret and a past that has caught up with Mizushima. Deceiving Mizushima into eating a token gift of chocolate, laced with her blood, he is then catapulted ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh B (mx) wrote: Aside from the awesome Cantona highlights, the movie is pretty damn good. I've seen this film described as a romantic comedy, but that doesn't do it justice. Rather, we have a story of a man attempting to regain control of his life which seems to have been going downhill for awhile.

Jack S (ru) wrote: As much I must discredit all of its facts and inaccuracies, this is an effective documentary as it fulfills its purpose: to scare an audience. I'm not sure what frightens me more; the fact that people believe this or that it might be the truth.

Noname (gb) wrote: The boat that rocked is not your ordinary type of movies or atleast not for me but its a very solid one. The story follows a boat in the North Sea back in the 60's and onboard there is a cool illegal radio station. The whole movie follows these funny and different characters playing classic Pop / Rock music and they loves to tease the government. There is a brilliant cast like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Nighy and they makes it worth seeing only for some nice performances as always. I enjoyed this movie altho its a slowpaced movie and its not great all the time but all in all its a comedy / drama you should watch especially if you like Rock'n'roll from the 60's.

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Maddy C (ru) wrote: A film you shouldn't find funny but can't help but cry with laughter at. Inglourious Bastards manages to deliver humour, violence and entertainment in over four different languages. Waltz steals the show with his incredible performances throughout the movie making audiences truly love to hate him. Set in WWII it focuses on a group of Jewish soldiers set on revenge, but simply killing their opponents is not enough, they want to have fun doing it. A must see and another Tarantino great.

Ian I (nl) wrote: Kevin Costner not only impresses me with his great acting but also his great direction. Open Range features great in depth character development and great acting by its leads (Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall) and greatly filmed gunfights. This is a must see for any fan of westerns.

Sierra H (es) wrote: "You are coming with us, old man." "No, it is YOU who are coming with ME." (old cripple shoots Nazis)

Angie M (jp) wrote: I've seen it, but don't remember it

James H (br) wrote: Ashley Judd does a remarkable job and is totally convincing as Ruby. It's a touching and realistic movie, simple and poignant. Well photographed, very perceptive direction. Wonderful.

Trevor C (nl) wrote: This isn't the best movie ever made, neither is even considerable good.... but the way it tries to be cool makes it good and even funny. :fresh: :D :up:

Jordan K (au) wrote: Well, let's just say this film is a perfect example of bad movies. It's like Manos, kind of, but I actually find it worse. Thank you, MST3K, for finding bad movies and turning them into humorous masterpieces. But let's get to the review part after the meaningless plotline.There's this group of 4 teenagers (who half are sex-addicted) and one of them (I forget his name, let's just call him Josh) gets a job at this old movie studio. Josh disobeys his boss and opens the gate to a forbidden room, where hobgoblins are held and, for the safety of others, locked up. Anyway, the hobgoblins soon do stupid, goofy things like driving golf carts and crap. Josh goes and hides with his friends (Amy, sex-addicted Daphne, some guy who is kinda nerdy, and army commando Nick, who is Daphne's boyfriend) in Daphne's house. It seems as if each Hobgoblin is destroyed, a bad thing will end. Bad things start to occur, like once-normal Amy stripping at Club Scum, where a Marge Simpson-esque girl embarassingly dances to bad music and the "tough" bodyguard smoking a cigarette nearby watches things. Soon, Nick, as a part of a Hobgoblin, starts to randomly throw grenades into Club Scum, with his army sarge watching happily nearby ("The best training he's ever had!" Nice going, sarge, killing your own people). Then, Hobgoblin stuff happens, some guy threatens to shoot everyone, and the entire movie set is blown up to rid the Hobgoblins. Great movie!Okay, here comes the even longer review part. The movie was definitely total garbage, with terrible acting and the hobgoblins just look like puppets made out of things thrown in a dumpster. I only give the other half of the star because the movie was so well done by Mike, Tom Servo, and Crow. The only guy who made me laugh a little was "Josh's" elderly boss. For one, I don't think the 1980s were all just sex and partying, but well, in this it was. The constant use of it was just plain annoying. Second, Club Scum is just stupid. The use of jokes in the scenes where they go to the club (in one scene where the nerd is almost kicked out, the bodyguard says "Hey, I think the Polo Wearing Club is over there." HAHAHAHAHA!) The song used in the club is so annoying and too weird (as the MST3K gang cracks jokes, wondering what the song's title is, because the lyrics are almost impossible to translate). I just cannot express how much this film absolutely SUCKED. It's a hideous film that, according to an MST3K site, director Rick Sloane actually wanted to get the movie riffing treatment. 'Nuff said, film sucks, don't watch it.

Olivier B (de) wrote: This is a strange but smart horror movie.