Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

D has been hired to track down Meier Link, a notoriously powerful vampire who has abducted a woman, Charlotte Elbourne. D's orders are strict - find Charlotte, at any cost. For the first time, D faces serious competition. The Markus Brothers, a family of Vampire Hunters, were hired for the same bounty. D Must intercept Meier and conquer hostile forces on all sides in a deadly race against time.

In a dark and distant future, when the undead have arisen from apocalyptic ashes, an original story unfolds. When a girl is abducted by a vampire, a legendary bounty hunter is hired to bring her back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust torrent reviews

Rintuna S (us) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be another one of those boring movies you regret even starting to watch, but I found myself enjoying throughout the whole movie. Liked the ending as well.

James M (us) wrote: I hope for a sequel.

Ted W (fr) wrote: It's back and at high school in the real world!!! Awesome and better than the last movie. Marnie is back!!! Like the idea of knights. Great

Crystal31088 (es) wrote: A good movie. I love the end Quote when Dorian said. You know the worst thing my father ever did to me? He convinced me it matters what people think of you. And the truth is, they never think quite enough. So from then I started living my life no matter what they thought. Even when they thought I was crazy and should take my liberal views and my pink shirt and move to another planet, I just had to laugh 'cause it's not pink, it's fuscia!

Davi (gb) wrote: i can walk..i can see..i can talk..i can hear..i can sing..i can dance..i can think..i can run..i can write..i can read..i can..i can ..i can .. and I thank God for all these.... WATCH THIS MOVIE... you wil also feel the same :(

Paul S (us) wrote: a night out in brixton that becomes odd and predicable(nice to see brixton on film tho)

Prime P (gb) wrote: I watched this so long ago I can't really comment on it but I'm going to rate it on how I liked it when I was a child. So ya it's basically only for children.

Reece B (nl) wrote: A fantastic film that follows the final years of a retired teacher in Japan, that covers alot of emotional ground for it's 2 hours. Witty and moving, this comes highly recomended.

Michael F (gb) wrote: Attack of the Crab Monsters is a rather inventive giant monster shocker from the venerable Roger Corman. It's a good ole' cheapy, to be sure. However, its storyline has a strange and unexpected psychic thread that feels fresh, and there is quite a bit of atmosphere for a film of its ilk. On a technical level, Corman does his absolute best with what he has to work with. The lengthy underwater shots are particularly ambitious.

Keenan S (it) wrote: Personally, I think this film is superior to its predecessor, The Robe because it rightfully tones down the schmaltz and trades it in for a much darker and more grim tone, combined with more epic set pieces and spectacular gladiator scenes. This is what a sequel should be: have a better story, better acting, grander set pieces, and polishing the themes established by its predecessor. It works quite well as a gladiator film and works quite well as a religious film as well since it takes more time to examine issues like faith. I had a blast with this swords and sandals flick and it was an interesting find to say the least.

Justin O (es) wrote: Hulk Hogan's best (and perhaps only) good performance, but he was playing a wrestler, so it's not much of a stretch.

Orlok W (us) wrote: Entertaining wartime thriller--The last gasp of Sherlock Holmes, Nazi-Buster!!

Tom M (kr) wrote: Lots of charm and fairly entertaining, but so light that it's hard to imagine this being something you'll ever come back to unless nostalgia or a past connection give it some extra personal value.Hawks' direction and the hugely competent leads give it a bit more credibility than most other examples of this type fare, though that only goes so far in making it worth more than a light once-over.

Scott E (it) wrote: I don't understand why this gets such rave reviews, but it did save Paramount and gave Grant a big break.

Liranda C (br) wrote: Waste of my time really. Lame one!