Half-human and half-vampire Casanova Vladimires, played by Damian Chapa, protects humans and fights vampires in East LA.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mexican,   vampire,  

Half-human and half-vampire Casanova Vladimires, played by Damian Chapa, protects humans and fights vampires in East LA. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mio G (fr) wrote: mste vara den smsta filmen p den hr sidan av 2000 talet.

Jenny N (gb) wrote: Fantastic look at propaganda... Dancers were a bit strange, though...

Joo P (it) wrote: Smart, well directed, very well acted, Trumbo maybe not give something new to the biopic genre, but still is a solid drama with a great production and a excellent performance by Bryan Cranston. (4/5)

Bernie S (ag) wrote: Kaidan (which I believe is Japanese for "Curse" or "Ghost") is a great, creepy freakish Japanese movie directed by Hideo Nakata! If you like "obsession" and "love me even to my grave" kinda movies...this one is right up your alley. Set in the age of the Samurai in old Tokyo, a man is cursed by his lover on her death bed never to love or marry again or she'll kill the women. She lives up to her promise even in the grave! Great dark, moody movie and well written! Defintely worth your 2 hours of watching!

Mariola F (mx) wrote: Beautiful movie ,quite sexually , I like it a lot , what a love! ,till end

Japes (ru) wrote: It's a low budget flick most likely used as a student film or whatever. Roughly 20 or so people actually worked on the film. The movie is about 5 or so kids that find themselves buried underground. As the plot unfolds, we learn why they were put there and who did it to them. A couple of friends of the buried kids tries to rescue them and figure out the mystery. The acting was terrible, but at least the actors were trying. They weren't trying to suck; they wanted to be good. They failed miserably, but hey at least they tried. The characters themselves were very cliched and stereotyped. There was nothing original about the characters at all. They had shallow personalities and stereotypical ones at that (e.g. the douchebag boyfriend, the slutty girl, etc.) The plot wasn't 100% absolutely had the basis of a pretty interesting premise...but it failed. At the beginning, we see all the kids get kidnapped (which is really fake and poorly executed) then we see them as they wake up in their new surroundings underground (which include hints as to why they were buried). As one girl is skyping with her friend, she sees the kidnapping take place and immediately starts to search for the truth and her friend. The one main flaw in the plot is the fact that the girl who witnessed the kidnapping didn't call the police. "If I call the police he will kill them all!" was the girl's excuse for choosing to leave the cops out of it. It was very irrational and stupid. Anyway, as the plot unfolds the audience learns that all of the kids that were buried alive were mean and bullied one boy named Tommy and their punishment is to suffer underground like Tommy suffered through his torture. That was also cliche, and has been done before. There was a nice twist at the end, which I admit was kind of predictable, but whatever at least it had something. The movie editing of this film was a little...weird. The movie uses flashbacks in order to give some background information- which helps to tell the story quite well, but every time this movie switched shots or changed scenes there would be like static or roll taping effects that made the movie seem like it had been damaged or something. I guess it was trying to be one of those "found mockumentary" type films, but it just was annoying more than anything else. Plus the whole time and date thing in the corner of the screen for the flashbacks made it seem like Paranormal Activity and it came off as unoriginal bullshit. The flashbacks were the other weird things. I think the flashbacks should've been like the characters were remembering a certain scene that took place, rather than it being that the characters filmed a scene by themselves like a home video. All the flashbacks seemed like home videos and it was so stupid. Why were they filming such random scenes where nothing remotely interesting was happening? One of the characters actually asks this question and is answered by his friend "I just want to remember the good times for when I get older." This is a bullshit answer and obviously so set up. The filmmakers answered the questions audiences most likely would've been asking because this movie was so illogical. The excuses the filmmakers have their characters say are just so stupid. The plot and writing needed work. It was just so weird and dumb. Good effort though. I don't mind watching low budget flicks that long as some effort is shown so I'm able to appreciate the film a little tiny bit. The plot itself could've been pretty good if there had been some depth to it. There was a little bit of depth, but it was barely noticeable. The plot just needed to be more organized and focused then it wouldn't have been so bad.

Gastro D (it) wrote: Great film! Visually striking! It kept me entertained from beginning to end. Brian Cox puts on a great performance as always. I trust everyone will enjoy this film.

Elise C (es) wrote: The acting in this movie is hilariously bad. It's a cool concept, but there's no escaping the cheesiness.

Ryan H (nl) wrote: From the script to the acting to the charm of Will Smith in his prime. This movie has it all. A classic within the sci-fi genre. A must watch!

Stephen J (es) wrote: Fantastic film, has me in hysterics every time I watch it. Am fighting the urge the break into all the hilarious quotes but instead I'll lead a singalong or two/three... "I'll need time, to get you off my mind...""But your good girls are gonna go bad...""It's a bitch, sorting out our sordid lives..."

Imran H (es) wrote: Must be a good movie, if you haven't watched the tv show. Don't waste your time

christine V (it) wrote: My dad was in these movie