Van élet a halál elött?

Van élet a halál elött?


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Van élet a halál elött? torrent reviews

David J (us) wrote: Cheesy from the get-go, "The Running Man" is a masturbatory Arnie vehicle that has earned it's cult status for being funny when it wasn't trying to be. It's more '80's novelty than it is good film.

Gavin S (au) wrote: Forced dialog, bad acting, bad writing, awful sound engineering, and amateur lighting have combined forces to create a frothy santorum of a film. Wait, can I say "santorum of a film?" I mean "santorum" is synonymous with film, right? Anyway this movie is a the white people equivalent to what used to air late-night on BET last decade. I hope that, at the very least, a good deal of research went into making sure this was historically accurate. Mulligan. Do it over.

Melony (nl) wrote: hallarious comedy at its best bill murray is hallarious and vera the elephant steals the show

Juha V (ag) wrote: Jlleen kiitokset Ylelle mielenkiintoisista dokumenteista!

James S (us) wrote: Great movie, does the collateral damage debate really really well. Lawyers are useless and no one wants to make a decision. Pretty awful.

Cameron M (gb) wrote: Glitter fails as Mariah Carrey?s star vehicle being a farrago of threadbare banality leaving it completely hollow, pointless, and surprisingly boring.

Colin Z (us) wrote: the characters might be a tad too unlikeable, but it is a french movie after all.

Katja A (br) wrote: Loistava Shaw-Hammerleffa. Ihan hienosti lnkkrivampyyrijuttu toimi itmaisessa ympristss. Mun mielest Lo Lieh olisi sopinut hienosti Draculan rooliin, mutta kaikkea ei voi kai aina saada.

Mark D (ca) wrote: Bland and dry filmmaking with horribly murky cinematography, emotionless performances and writing. Though, Churchill's exciting life makes it atleast more interesting than it should be.

Jonathan J (gb) wrote: one of the best old films when i was young

Dean H (mx) wrote: Quaint, subtle and very effective.

Becca F (ca) wrote: Paul Newman gives a beliveable performance as Rocky Graziano, a troubled youth turned into boxing champion. Newman does his best at displaying the raw anger needed to throw a hefty punch. The Italian beauty, Pier Angeli, gives a dazzling performance as Rocky's love, a woman who despises fighting but will support her husband in even the worst of matches. Somebody up There Likes Me is a love story in the simplest form, and can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. Highly Recommend seeing.

Archie B (ag) wrote: great movie - great novel - underrated today

Julien E (kr) wrote: About Last Night... est un film correct. Une comdie-romantique plutt clich et prvisible, mais aussi longue certains moments. Le casting est bien avec Rob Lowe, Demi Moore et James Belushi, la ralisation de Zwick n'a rien d'extra, mais est acceptable galement. Bref, un film moyen, ou ordinaire tout simplement.

Victor D (ag) wrote: One of the most beautiful and sincere films I have ever seen.

Michael K (kr) wrote: A VERY good movie. Touching, and thought-provoking. I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried at the end.