Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point

When his wife goes into a troubled labor while he is on the road over 1200 miles away James Kowalski, an ex race car driver and a former Army Ranger, attempts to elude police while trying to get home. After numerous chases he turns into a Native American reservation and reflects on his life, and his wife. He heads off to break through a police roadblock.

When his wife goes into a troubled labor while he is on the road over 1200 miles away James Kowalski, an ex race car driver and a former Army Ranger, attempts to elude police while trying ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Liliane S (jp) wrote: Quite disappointing compared to the previous Step Up movies...

Susanna M (kr) wrote: All I can say is 'Wow!'

Leonard D (au) wrote: Yeah, great performances from the cast, but if you think about it, what message does this movie send to everyone? If you've been paralyzed from an injury, then there's no point to go on living? Just end it? NO! This film was good, but the ending just lost me, sorry to say, but it's true! Shame on you Eastwood, what a big slap in the face!

Conrad H (jp) wrote: someday, there will be a great movie that combines porn and terrorism. This is not that movie. It is just a series of youtube porn clips.

Ryan C (kr) wrote: Wow. Really a great film. wildly experimental and erotic... but not in a breillat/denis artificial way.

Bill J (de) wrote: For some strange reason this is my favorite Michael J. Fox movie.

Derrick B (gb) wrote: Not bad for a movie that didn't have men like me factored into the audience they wanted to see this film. Good cast choices and performance with some good surprise cameos and a soundtrack that was hot for its time when it was released.

Andrew S (ca) wrote: Harry and Moe run the risk of certain death when they steal money from a Mafia don (Dan Hedaya) and then try to multiply their ill-gotten gains at the horse races.

John C (fr) wrote: This is so good, oldschool and very cool!

Ola G (de) wrote: In 2011, a deadly pathogenic virus has killed 99% of the Earth's population, forcing the survivors to regroup and scatter across the Earth. 404 years later, in late 2415, all of the survivors inhabit Bregna, a walled futuristic city-state, which is ruled by a congress of scientists. Although Bregna is largely an idyllic place in the destroyed Earth, people routinely disappear and the population suffers from nightmares. A skilled warrior, named on Flux (Charlize Theron), is a member of the Monicans, an underground rebel organization who communicate through telepathy-enabling technology and are led by the Handler (Frances McDormand). After a mission to destroy a surveillance station, on comes home to find her sister Una (Amelia Warner) has been mistaken for a Monican and killed. When on is sent on a mission to kill the government's leader, Trevor Goodchild (Marton Csokas), she discovers that both she and the Monicans are being manipulated by council members in a secret coup. on questions the origins of everyone in Bregna, and in particular, her personal connection to Trevor. Everyone in Bregna is revealed to be a clone, grown from recycled DNA. With the dead constantly being reborn as new individuals and bearing partial memories of their previous lives, their troubling dreams have increased. Cloning was required because the antidote to the virus made humans infertile. Trevor's ongoing experiments were attempts to reverse the infertility. His ancestors had also worked on this problem. on learns that she is a clone of the original Trevor's wife Katherine, and is the first "Katherine" clone in over 400 years. One of Trevor's experiments, Una, was successful: she had become pregnant. However, in order to stay in power, Trevor's brother, Oren Goodchild (Jonny Lee Miller), had her killed along with the other members of the experimental group. He ordered all of Trevor's research to be destroyed. In a confrontation with Trevor and on, Oren reveals that nature has corrected the infertility problem and that some women are becoming pregnant. Oren has had them all killed to maintain the Goodchild reign. on then goes against both her former allies, who want to kill Trevor, and Oren...The critical reception was mainly negative. Rotten Tomatoes consensus stating "Aeon Flux lacks the gravity-defying pace of its animated predecessor, and, despite some flash, is largely a dull affair." Although Peter Chung was initially optimistic about the film and was impressed with the sets, he ultimately described it as "a travesty," adding: "I was unhappy when I read the script four years ago; seeing it projected larger than life in a crowded theatre made me feel helpless, humiliated, and sad. ...[The movie's creators] claim to love the original version; yet they do not extend that faith to their audience. No, they will soften it for the public, which isn't hip enough to appreciate the raw, pure, unadulterated source like they do." Chung primarily objected to the film's portrayal of on and Trevor, and their re-imagined history and relationship. He said, "Ms. Flux does not actually appear in the movie." Screenwriters Hay and Manfredi asserted in an interview that the film was re-cut by the studio prior to release. They said the original director's cut contains nearly 30 minutes of additional footage, which Chung acknowledged in his criticism.Its never a good sign when a filmstudio declines to testscreen a film for the press. That means the studio normally has a boxoffice bomb in their hands. And "Aeon Flux" is an example of just that. I have no insight into the animated series the movie was based on, but when reading other reviews the character was apparently quite different in the animated series compared to the film. In the animated series, Aeon Flux was an amoral rebel that was completely detached from everything and everyone. She was cruel, selfish, loving, unpredictable, witty, confident, sarcastic, lethal, untamable, ambiguous all at once. The original plot was ambiguous and thought provoking it seems. In the film Aeon Flux has clear political and personal motives. She is pretty, loving, vulnerable, tamable, emotional and predictable. The plot obvious and more contrived. Theres a nice futuristic visual and stylistic approach in the film that shows you that the intentions were there, but with the stiff and theatrical conceptual end result it falls a bit flat. "Aeon Flux" takes itself too seriously in a way and at the same time theres this unintentional (so it feels) humour that makes everything feels a bit off. The film is as well edited in a jumpy way which creates a disorientated piece of film. Charlize Theron is not at her best and I reckon she tried to make it work, but the production team didnt manage to balance it with what they had going. However, many of the final problems might be based in the fact that according to director Karyn Kusama, after finishing the movie, the studio fired her, re-cut the movie to a 71 minute long version which tested poorly and then asked her to edit the film again, but not back to her original vision. Huge parts of the plot were left out and even one character's sexuality of being gay was cut out by the studio. Maybe if I get to see Kusamas original version I might change my mind about this film. Who knows.

Ryan E (br) wrote: Top drawer rough, tough action.... This is Clint's Sands of Iwo Jima.

Larry W (ag) wrote: One of the best anti-hero films I have ever seen. Beat "War Dogs" to the punch by eleven years.

Kimberly K (ru) wrote: That ending made me very frustrated.

Barclee W (ru) wrote: Not what I was expecting, in a good way.

Joo Miguel R (jp) wrote: Wow. This was a surprise. What worked here was the class b horror movie feel in my opinion, but with better special effects. 5 horror stories inter connected with a desert road in common. Very nice. We can see that there are some actors that simply dont have the talent but the stories are very nice and can keep you curious all the time - it works like "whats next". I can honestly say this is a clever well done horror movie with no jump scares but with a very good mood that cant let you go.

Ayden H (ru) wrote: This movie was great, very intense action sequences that always had me shocked. I could never expect what was gonna happen next. Very exciting shocking, great movie.