Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned

Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned

13-year-old Su-rin moves to a remote island with her step-father when her mother passes away. She befriends Sung-min, an orphan boy who truly understands her. One day, they venture into a cave in the forest with a group of kids and discover a glittering egg which, according to their local folktale, hold a time-eating monster; a monster that can instantly turn a child into an adult. Su-rin tries to stop them, but the boys take the egg out of curiosity. When she follows them out of the cave, she finds that her friends have disappeared. The police assume that this is an abduction case and begin their investigation. Su-rin tells the police about finding the egg, but nobody believes her. Later, a mysterious man in his 30s shows up and tells Su-rin that he is Sung-min.

"Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned" is an South Korean fantasy film starring Kang Dong-won and Shin Eun-soo in which five children go to the mountains; magically, one comes back a man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Irony E (fr) wrote: Following in the footsteps of Salo + Cannibal, one may argue that narrative is lacking in this film, thus making it look like true snuff. The main cause of concern is the exploitation of children. If you've seen the uncut version you'll know what I mean. The scene with the son-rape did look very real ; I pray it was actually prosthetic ! Either way, how do you explain to a (9 year old ?) that he's acting in a kiddie-rape scene ?

Michael R (jp) wrote: Interesting Little Movie...!

Jesse J (it) wrote: that movie is awesome

Jake J (it) wrote: Cliched and episodic. Had little to say and little character development. A programmatic romance, I fear.

Bill B (de) wrote: This one was something of a forgotten title for me, as I was familiar with the video box but had somehow never gotten around to checking it out until I ran across it in a 'best horror/thrillers you've never seen list and figured it was time to give it a day in court.The idea of creepy spirits roaming around modern cities is discomforting enough, but to see the toll that they take on a person who has a casual encounter with them is even more disturbing.Well worth a rental or a Netfux Streaming viewing.

Matt H (es) wrote: Best movie no one's seen.

Joel C (kr) wrote: Fuck this movie it's not that funny at all, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

Ricardo R (gb) wrote: This movie was hilarious from start to finish. The dialogue is campy, silly, inane and laugh out loud funny and the cast is magnificent. I thought JD was amazing in his caricature of the aristocratic Mortdecai.

Chris H (it) wrote: A solid but unspectacular JCVD film that features an intriguing premise and a few fun fight scenes.