Vanishing Wilderness

Vanishing Wilderness

Documentary - Painstakingly filmed over a five-year period, this intimate view of our country's magnificent landscape will take you on the getaway you can only imagine. Witness the splendor of nature as you've never before seen it. - Arthur Dubs, Rex Allen

Painstakingly filmed over a five-year period, this intimate view of our country's magnificent landscape will take you on the getaway you can only imagine. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Susan S (ag) wrote: Most definitely one of the worst films I have ever seen. Thankfully, I was able to rent it for free. As a film student, one of my #1 goals is now to ensure my first feature does not include the glaring technical errors that this one demonstrated - and this wasn't even the director's first film. (Also, it always helps to have a script that doesn't put the audience to SLEEP. I'm growing drowsy just thinking about it...)

Aeem H (ag) wrote: Disappointing is the word to describe this film. This film has a cast of recognised actors, Unfortunately they are let down by a plodding script and very poor production and directing. The acting isn't completely terrible, Josh Hutcherson is his usual self, though he is good at representing his characters combustible nature. Hayden Panettiere is woefully underused and underwritten, Alfred Molina and Lauren Bacall are on autopilot. Rounding up the cast is Billy Boyd, while Tricia Helfer makes a small cameo. I will say that the scenes in which a masterpiece is recreated as a forgery is actually quite interesting and well researched, it seem like the only the director actually managed to get right. Making it worthy of an extra half star rating., A film for the fans of the cast, which is incidentally why I sought it out, otherwise one to avoid.

Fong K (ca) wrote: Gay Muslims speak about their homosexuality and their devotion to Allah, two subjects that many will consider a death penalty even when used in the same sentence. Very depressing to watch and suggesting no way out (pun not intended) in the gay Muslim community, it is nevertheless a labour of love that takes guts to make.

Bruce A (br) wrote: A disappointingly shallow documentary on an interesting topic.

Joe Z (ru) wrote: Great cast. Solid classic thriller imo.

Codie E (mx) wrote: Powerful, moving, emotive and captivating. There are some clear similarities between this film and Loach's 1969 masterpiece Kes, both feature boys who find some escape from their mundane and dead end lives only for it to be ripped from them, and this is truly hearbreaking. Liam, passionatly performed by newcomer Martin Compston, is the perfect vessel for Loach and regular screenwriter Paul Laverty to comment upon the current state of Scottish (although relevent south of the border too) youth and the prospects a depressingly large number of them inevitably face.

Drew S (mx) wrote: This is buy far the Best Russell Crowe Movie...It tie's with The Gladiator I guess?

Lenny R (gb) wrote: A great little thriller. Nicole's best work, from back when she resembled an earthling. What is it about boats that turns Billy Zane evil? Hmm.

Patrick C (nl) wrote: Terrible fx but i thought this was class when i was a wee boy.

Trevor H (gb) wrote: quite good early John Woo film.

Vuk S (gb) wrote: It concerns an island infested with giant mutant crabs which can absorb their victims' minds and communicate with their voice through metal objects. Yeah, plus electricity makes them disintegrate completely, and bullets pass through them like X-rays.Simply put, this is a really bad movie. The visual quality is really poor, the science fiction is ridiculous, and overall it is a boring piece of junk. The ending was also stupidly rushed, after witnessing one of the main characters sacrificing himself to kill the final crab, we receive little to no reaction from the rest of the cast, and after a mere moment the end credits start rolling. Heh, at least it ended quickly, after 67 minutes or so.Though I found it a complete waste of my time, I was surprised at the gore in this one, which included a decapitation, keeping in mind that this is from a period when such things were still rare in horror cinema.

Anawat C (ca) wrote: A bit slow. Well directed and acted.

Christopher B (ru) wrote: I effing loved this movie. Just can't quite top the first but definitely outrageous fun.

Matt S (mx) wrote: The story continues, this time after getting Spock back, the crew are faced with a new threat, a probe that is sending messages to Earth but it is unintentionally hurting the planet. The only thing that can answer it is the long extinct Humpback Whale. The Plan: go back in time and get some hump backs and have them talk to the probe. This one is more light hearted in tone than the last 3. Giving some levity to the story after the dark events that preceded this one. The fish out of water story makes for tons of laughs and they manage to slip in some messages about mankind and how we treat the planet. One of the best in the series.

Ibraheem M (it) wrote: An incredible cast with a score long remembered, 'How the West Was Won' tells the story of four generations during the early settlements till the late 1890's in a very colorful and joyful way.