Lalchand (Kader Khan) is arrested by Inspector Verma (Vinod Mehra) and vows to avenge this. He does so by abducting his only son, and later informing Verma that he has killed his son, in the process of apprehending Lalchand, Havaldar Bhagwan Singh (Dharmendra) is killed by saving Verma's life. Verma and his wife Shanti (Anjana Mumtaz) bring up Bhagwan's son, Ajay, as their own. Years later Ajay (Sunny Deol) has grown up to be a police inspector as well, Verma is now the Commissioner. Together they band together to stop Lalchand, who is now a crimelord of international standards, from carrying on terrorist activity in the country; and also try and locate Verma's son, who they find out is still alive, but leads a life of crime

Inspector Verma and Havaldar Bhagwan Singh arrests Lalchand; with Bhagwan Singh loses his life in the process leaving an only son Ajay to be brought up by Verma and his wife. Years later ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Vardi torrent reviews

Abubakar A (br) wrote: One of the worst movies I've watched so far....

Sanity Assassin (ag) wrote: paper thin story, visuals except for some menial camera-work abysmal and generally somewhat lacking in all departments

Jlio A (br) wrote: gostei tanta no....muito parado e no me emocionou tanto assim...

Ayse A (de) wrote: changed my view to food, I would like to incorporate the perspective in real life that means was very inspriring for me the Zen Chef himself, appreciaition of food and the spirituality around...

Miss J (it) wrote: This film is texturized with intrigue , some action and drama surrounding a supposedly true story. Interesting. Worth the watch.

Brian A (au) wrote: A follow-up to Firestarter, this miniseries sequel is rather upsetting. While the story is a bit interesting, there's various elements that aren't properly explained, or brought about. The flashback references to Firestarter are different, since there's a scene where the main character deals with a conflict which involves her past self telling her what has to be done (when you watch it, it'll make sense). It's a decent film, but sadly, not one I would recommend very often.

Uriel A V (jp) wrote: Una exentricidad de pelicula. Johnny Depp sabe elegir proyectos muy interesantes y fuera de lo comn. Tal vez no sea la mejor de Emir Kusturica, pero si su ms peculiar. Vincent Gallo muy divertido con sus imitaciones de Toro Salvaje e Intriga Internacional.

Mark B (au) wrote: i agree with my friend "blaxunshine" lots of cheerleaders but barely any beach ...

Mike F (us) wrote: awesome movie for the 1970's

Matt M (br) wrote: A schlock horror movie where a stone age man is trapped in modern day California. So bad it now enjoys a reputation and cult following as one of the worst movies ever made. It certainly represents the worst of drive in horror movies.

Chris Q (us) wrote: There's a reason Kubrick hated it

Marie Q (br) wrote: This movie is hilarious and pretty clean, rare for a comedy these days!

Kenneth L (au) wrote: This is, in some ways, one of the most unusual movies that you will ever see, and the fact that it was not only made in 1985 but actually won William Hurt a Best Actor Oscar at the time and got a Best Picture nomination is astonishing to me. It's a great movie, intelligent and playful and moving, but its subject matter is so very far outside of the 1980s mainstream that it seems impossible for it to exist. But it does.Let me sum up the plot in one sentence that will make clear how unexpected this movie is: In Brazil in 1985, a flamboyant homosexual (Hurt), who has been jailed for having sex with a minor, regales his cellmate, a committed Marxist revolutionary (Raul Julia), with verbal recountings of his favorite movie, a 1940s romance that may or may not have been a Nazi propaganda film, while we in the audience see recreations of scenes from said movie. If someone tried to pitch this movie to a Hollywood executive today, can you even imagine how many red flags the preceding sentence would send up in that executive's mind?The plot gets even more complex than that, but I don't want to spoil anything. William Hurt's performance is indeed extraordinary, and like nothing else you've seen before. It's a character who in many ways does play to gay stereotypes, but is never played for laughs and is instead taken completely seriously. It does seem a bit odd for the very white Hurt to be among the mostly Hispanic actors populating the rest of the movie, but then again maybe it's just one more way this character doesn't fit into his society. Raul Julia is also very good as the revolutionary, who for a long time seems to simply fit the stereotype of such revolutionaries, but eventually surprises us through his relationship with his cellmate.The movie sets up an odd rhythm, as it bounces between Hurt's verbal retellings of the movie he loves, scenes actually showing that movie, political and philosophical discussions between the two characters, and moments of personal drama between them. It doesn't seem like it should all work together, but it does. The recreated scenes from the other movie are fun - they're shot in a sepia tone, with grandiose 1940s-style music and deliberately hammy acting. But it's obvious they have a serious relation to the rest of the movie, but it doesn't break down into any simplistic 1:1 correspondences.Aside from the interludes from the movie-within-the-movie, the narrative and visual style of the movie is fairly straightforward and conventional. It's the particulars of the story being told, and in particular Hurt's excellent performance, that make the movie so weird and so memorable. It's like no other movie I can think of. I don't know how this movie happened, but I'm glad it did.

Kilo D (it) wrote: Ingmar Bergman's ten-years-or-so filmography that leads up to "Shame" is unbelievable, a list comprised entirely of masterpieces. "Shame" had a lot to live up to and despite being a devastating movie, "Shame" has something missing. Maybe it's that I couldn't sympathize with the characters and the verbal brilliance is missing or mollified. However, one cannot help but get sucked into the anxiety that is an undercurrent from beginning to end and the images of a village lit up with horror. The horrified expressions on the character's faces make "Shame" an unwatchable movie if you live in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, or Iraq (by the time of this writing there may be more countries on the list). "Shame" is not one of Mr. Bergman's best but it's a macabre assault visually and psychologically and the final sequence conceals more conflicting emotion and terror than the entirety of most "war" movies.

Ryan V (jp) wrote: A group of space aliens are looking to kidnap the Looney Tunes and force them into slavery at an interstellar amusement park. Naturally, the only way that Bugs Bunny and the gang can escape their fate is to conscript Michael Jordan to help them beat the aliens in a slapsticky basketball game. Space Jam is a dumb movie with a sloppy pace, lots of wooden acting from Jordan, a soundtrack that has nothing to do with the movie, and lazy jokes that heavily rely on now-dated pop culture references. This movie has become something of a cult classic since lots of millennials had it in their VHS rotation as children, but I wouldn't recommend Space Jam to anyone who doesn't already hold a nostalgic fondness for it.

Tyler P (kr) wrote: Pas trop mal, sans plus.

Wesley W (fr) wrote: A piece of crap from start to finish and something you just want to forget about right after you watch it. This film is just a pointless excuse to show some gore and it is not interesting or scary in any sense of the word. A backstory on Leatherface does sound like it has some potential, but the way the filmmakers approach this material is just basic and by-the-numbers in every shot and there was no thought put into this movie whatsoever. The only thing that I could complement is how hilariously bad it was and how I was laughing my ass off at some of the lines of dialogue and scenes that were supposed to be intense but were just laughable instead. Besides unintentional hilarity, this film has nothing to offer at all. There is no good story, the characters are one-dimensional and bland throughout, there is no suspense and tension to be found anywhere, the dialogue is piss poor, the acting is phoned in, and the directing is horrible. Jonathan Liebesman shouldn't be a filmmaker in Hollywood because he is not good at it. The way he direct scenes is below average and the camera shakes way too much during the scenes of action that you can't get a clear image of what you are witnessing on screen. The whole cast in this so-called movie really does horrible. The only one that stands out by an inch is R. Lee Ermey. He made for a more convincing villain than Leatherface himself. Leatherface was basically just his puppet throughout the whole movie doing whatever his master told him to do. Thank god for the Fast and Furious franchise because without it, Jordana Brewster wouldn't have a career in Hollywood. She really didn't do much of a credible job here. All she really did was just run around, scream for help and witness her failed attempts at saving her friends. Speaking of her friends, they were even more terrible. Matt Bomer and Taylor Handley were both terrible too and you didn't give one flying crap if they survived or not. Diora Baird is basically just a damsel in distress throughout the whole movie. She just lays on the ground and screams her ass off and her character was completely helpless and she didn't think or do anything to get out alive. In the end, I don't feel like talking about the movie anymore because it's not worth it and there are hundreds of other movies I would rather talk about more than this one.