Varg Veum - Kalde Hjerter

Varg Veum - Kalde Hjerter

While investigating a case of disappeared sisters, Varg Veum is about to become a father. He realizes that the case has connections to a police investigated murder. Varg obviously is ...

While investigating a case of disappeared sisters, Varg Veum is about to become a father. He realizes that the case has connections to a police investigated murder. Varg obviously is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dwayne R (it) wrote: Fracking. There, I said it. If you're interested or concerned, you should see this short (77 minute) documentary. Really. You should.

Richard H (ca) wrote: It was ok, but I just sat and laughed through it....

Dominic L (gb) wrote: Typically Svankmajeresque slice of insanity, complete with dancing meat and skull-seeking tongues. As with most of his flicks, Sileni is more about the director's flair for surrealist stop-motion animation and less about the story. But it was just what I needed for today. Plus one can't help but notice the shadow of Salo and Marat/Sade looming large over the script and visuals. Lekker.

Chris F (it) wrote: For a movie they just threw together, it's incredibly deep. Gotta dig philosophy to get it.

Glenn C (fr) wrote: Last night I watched Neil Jordan's The Butcher Boy and so tonight I decided to watch his follow up film; In Dreams. It's a different type of film but also deals with mental illness. I've seen this movie several times and it still makes little sense... but it makes little sense in a David Lynch sort of way. To compare the film would be to suggest that it's a cross between Jacobs Ladder and Twin Peaks. Annette Bening plays a woman who has had visions her entire life. She has always assumed they were of past events but when she sees her own daughter led astray and murdered, she comes to realise that they have been premonitions the whole time. As the story progresses she slips deeper into psychosis where reality and dilution are blurred. Many people have faulted this movie for being too convoluted and incoherent (which is true) but those factors work in it's favour in my opinion. The film is visually brilliant. The colour schemes are amazing and the set design is almost fairytale. Robert Downey Jr plays the child killer with whom Bening's character becomes psychically connected with. Is he is figment of her imagination? Is she schizophrenic or is there a real connection with a real killer? I am sure there are clues hidden throughout the film and the richly textured design would suggest this, but I am still trying to piece it together after several viewings. I love that it confuses me and challenges me... In Dreams is either a brilliant psychological horror film or a piece of shit. Few films blur that line. LOL

Sherri S (fr) wrote: The plot was a little choppy but I liked the tone of this movie quite a bit. It deals with a lot of different teen (and life!) issues sensitively and in a way that is ultimately uplifting. And of course there is 'lil Leisha Hailey.

Mike S (gb) wrote: Heartfelt, honest, and quite a thrill. It's scary because, even the portrayal can't really capture on what really happens in the hood or in troubled neighborhoods. The acting was so precise and laid back. Two thumbs up.

Niloo R (gb) wrote: this movie was absolutely HILARIOUS ! i have no idea how much of it was intentional, but i really really enjoyed watching it. the film also showed very accurately, albeit depressingly, how immature men really are, regardless of their age.

Jonathan S (au) wrote: You're a lucky fellow Mr. Smith...or was that the navy one?

Alex H (br) wrote: I'm really quite glad I decided to give this movie another shot. Somehow the first time I watched it I couldn't match its wavelength and shut it off after a few minutes in a bad mood. But I realize now that that made me a piece of shite, because this is in fact imho at least equal to An American Werewolf in London, my other fav werewolf movie, and may in fact also imho be among the best horror movies there are. Fresh, dark, funny, brutal, just tops.

Timm S (jp) wrote: The True Story That Beggers Belief. I Still Couldn't Help Picturing Firth As Darcy Or George The 5th, So It Didn't Carry Much Weight In That Regard. I Still Found I Empathised With The War-Story Nature, But I've Connected With Other 'True Stories' Of Survival Better.

Greg W (nl) wrote: Not a bad finale for one of French cinema's oddest couples. But what Jean-Pierre Melville might have done with these guys!